SS4 p154 A mutual agreement

skyangel on Nov. 21, 2012

Sad page I know, but not quite the last we see of Janey just yet. 

Just to comment on all your views last week, in many ways I'm very relieved that we all agree that at this point at least it's better that they part. I felt Sarah's acceptance would have been a cop-out over an issue that is really so pivotal in any relationship. I know two of my readers at least forgave and managed to deal with it as I think I would myself, but as Royce pointed out that forgiveness would be unlikely to come so easily, so it was nice to show how Sarah's valiant attempt crumbled over the following weeks. This is sad stuff and SS has had enough of that over it's course to not make me want to dwell on the aftermath too much, so this is kind of a summing up of the points I think would have put the most strain on the pair without having to drag it out slowly over many pages. Just a few more pages to go to the end and then we can begin the special Xmas story which hopefully you'll really enjoy.

Anyways, next week we find out how the amicable seperation affects Sarah's friends!

Have a nice week everyone! :)