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Frail on Feb. 6, 2008

I'm really sorry about how late this page is. I've been having some problems at home and haven't been able to concentrate on things because of them. Hopefully everything will clear up soon, thankies for your patience. *hugs all around*

About the page… yes, I know I went crazy with the italics. I love them soooo. Also, ignore the room dimensions. Aaand some of the more wonky drawings. I need to study perspectives really bad, I tell you. Also ignore the weirdness of the lighting. I need to study that too. ^^;; Flying in the dark is noooot a good idea.

Maybe good news?: The next page has just started to be inked. I think I'm going to try fitting the page-making to a schedule in hopes that it'll encourage me to remember to work on them. I also apologize for the slow pacing at the time being. ^^;; I'm trying not to rush but I don't know if I'm doing it right.

Aaaalso. I should be stopping by my fave-comics soon-ish.

I'll be quiet now, I promise. ^^;;;


Inlad: ^^ Aaaand here you go. The big secret as to why the broom is on fire.

Mutation: Did you? Aww. *hugs* I did that once too in a story, only I kept forgetting what gender the character was in the first place, so it only made things more confusing. (Theeeen again I am the most easily confused person ever…)

LanceDanger: ^^ Thankies, I like it too. And I did. I hope you did toooo. *hugs* ^^

Meg Overhill: XD You're so merciful, man. ^^ And it makes me laugh too.

shino: 1. ^^ Thaaaank you. *gives cookie*
2. ^^ Ee.