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Hello! Im Frail. Also known as May. Sometimes.

I am eighteen, female, and also way too self-conscious for my own good. An example of this would be my stop-start-method of webcomic-ing. No sooner have I started updating then I lose all confidence in myself and stop. Until I feel guilty and start again. ^^;; Aaah me.

Anyway, hopefully I will be updating again soon. ^^;; Please forgive me for my lengthy hiatus. I will do my best to catch up with my favorite comics, but, knowing me, Ill probably fail at that too.

If I go missing and you would *still* (for some unknown reason) like to talk to me just for fun or whatever, my email is ^^ See you. cha.

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Are characters as real as we are? More importantly, are they human?

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NOTE: This webcomic moved here- DTF6 is a psycological sci-fi thiller. After the mysterious disappearance of a young couple and Delta Task Force: Team 5, a new team is assembled to find out what happened at the rain forest El Yunque.

What's a Prince to do when the only way to stop the Light-Dark war is to either marry an -urg- ELF, or to find a stone that isn't supposed to even exist? Updates every eight days.

Now Playing: Chapter 28- The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy. Updated Wednesdays-ish

A comic about centaurs, going around and having adventures...why oh why can't I think of summaries? WHYYYYYY?

When Alice's parents send to her to stay with a family friend in a remote village, she is thrown into a mystery that is anything but what she expected.

Welcome to the feline world of Setar, a mostly sand covered world, with a hidden forest deep in a crater. Here lives Ragus city, and Zara Vallaru. A holy knight, of a sorts, whose allies are a child and a dark knight who obsesses over her.

Six young adults with paranormal powers find themselves marked for death by the forces of darkness. Seeking safety in numbers they reluctantly keep company with each other while trying to discover just who is after them and why.


Now Playing: Season 5- Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes existencialist, always expect the unexpected!

When demons are involved, there are many possibilities.

Demons have taken over Tusita, the heaven, slaughtering the angels in an all-out war with the gods. Fearing for their daughter's safety, the Gods send her to Amara, entrusting her with the Core of the earth to hide her. But, fourteen years later...


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LanceDanger at 3:20PM, May 15, 2007

Yey, first comment! *ultra-sonic glomp* Hope all is going well, can't wait for the new and improved Butterfly Blue! Take care, now! =3

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