#669 Killer Party

Amelius on Jan. 8, 2007

Don't you just hate when you type out an enormous message in your author's notes, all postive and happy-like, then you go to send it and get “Internet explorer cannot display web page?” Argh there is no reason for it, no reason at all!!! This really bites because I initially spent like half an hour getting every link together before T_T it was 6am when I started this and now it's 8:30

*composes self* Anyway, there are 3 guests today (I needed short characters I guess) whom are:

Jim, who belongs to the artist Lucky, go check out his awesome gallery!

And another awesome artist: Neilak20 owns the cute little thing in the second panel, whose name is Xex, though she's the baby version of Xex that was in the old version of Starving Artists. Like I said I needed shorties and she was just too cute, and evil, so she fit in perfectly ^_^

And the last one is very small, a cute praying mantis joining the demony fun on Vic's arm, belonging to Daggertooth