Amelius on Oct. 30, 2008

We gots guests! First up is Tsubiui from Ishi Alliance,(there'll be a few more too ^_^)which is by darkryuu and X Daggers
Our other guest (or pest!) is Wonkedo DePest,from the comic Wonkedo who looks to have put out Foomy!
(by the way if you haven't looked at the comic yet I suggest you do, there's someone familiar there hinthint!)

Just a reminder, if you're interested in helping my career out you can pre-order the Night School book here This is a link!. Seriously, if you want to help us out this is one of the best ways. If you cannot order the book because of location, Nick and I can help out and deliver it to you if you have paypal or something, it can be arranged.

And Happy Halloween, all last minute-like!