Comic 100 celebration

Xade on March 15, 2009

*still running from Hogan*

Here are the cameos and links.

Scale of Cameo Comic is talking to Nemi of PSI about the crossover wars in panel two

Alexis is talking to Serra of Crossing Death about transformations as Vicki of B.I.T.C.H. squad swims past, thankful that her comic is based in an almost real life world.

Gertrude is sneaking up on her unsuspecting sister, Brunhilda, both who belong to KAMics

Ial the Ghostrunner of Grin N Spirit is doing a cannon ball, closely followed by my Jeff as lovebirds Wheels and Hilda of Magical Misfits chat

Steve of Life and Death is showing off his wisharding hat to Jade of Magician's Quest.

Last and certainly not least the dashing *doges axe* whoah! Hogan the Crossover & Cameo Tracker is still chasing me! I'm outa here!

Edit: May 14, 2009 after the smashing success of the 2 year celebration comic I did something similar here, resized the panels and redid the text, now it loads 100% quicker