"Out," by El Cid. pg 1

Genejoke on June 7, 2011

Sorry about the disclaimer, but we had to tack that on there. From what I understand, Genejoke couldn't get the admins to sign off on letting him post this comic under an “M” rating, so they said it's only okay if we put a big scary sign up front warning you to flee and spare your souls or some shit like that.

So yes, it's official: For the next seven days, Lite Bites is technically an Adult comic. That being said, there's no need to head for the hills. This isn't a porno or anything; it's actually a very good story which I believe you will all thoroughly enjoy. All of you who are old enough to view it, that is. The rest of you kiddies, scram! Lite Bites will be back to posting its usual family-friendly fare in a week.