Cool fan art by dotm

PaulEberhardt on Sept. 24, 2020

Hi again, everyone!

I just got a really awesome surprise by the creative team behind Dagger of the Mind, which can be found here on the Duck:

D.o.t.M. is a relatively new comic around here and into its 15th page so far (i.e. still easy to catch up with). The apparently hand-painted artwork is beautifully and lovingly done and they treat the premise of their story in an intriguing, original way. In their own words: “To escape a modern plague, humans have uploaded themselves into a digital world. Problem is, it’s worse than outside. Dystopian Sci-fi Drama”
I very much recommend having a look for yourself.

Don't forget to check out Gundula, Tiger and Christian's cameo over at Danielle Dark, too. It starts here: and continues on the following pages. My good friend artdude2002 does an awesome job drawing them and his comic belongs into the top entries of every “1000 webcomics you must read before you get bitten by a vampire” list.

To summarise my experiences of the last few days: I feel truly honoured and flattered!

Btw. even if it has been quite a while, I have recently got back into drawing Gundi and Tiger myself, as well. ;) The current page is only a few days old and just one click away: