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ironhand at 9:04AM, Sept. 4, 2012
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I have just one hell of a brainstorm for an idea at the minute - and I think this may work.
Bringing back EGO/Aliens - I think I have an idea for that which will bring him back - I read somewhere aliens may take over the EGO system. It's taken me a while, but now I have an idea surrounding that and another idea that I mentioned to abt about the HA getting a “arch-nemesis” of sorts. I think I'll run it by abt through PQ whenever he has the time - but just letting you know I have an idea for that, which I think may be pretty cool.
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Sebastian_Sandberg at 10:01AM, Sept. 4, 2012
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I'm glad at least one person read that post. No prob, Mac, we all have real-life issues from time to time.
PIT_FACE at 6:33AM, Sept. 17, 2012
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so, ehm…..did we reach a verdict on what we're calling the reform group? it seemed we were leaning towards C.A.P.E. and then other things were suggested. just making sure before i go on with anything.

ironhand at 9:38AM, Sept. 17, 2012
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PIT_FACE wrote:
so, ehm…..did we reach a verdict on what we're calling the reform group? it seemed we were leaning towards C.A.P.E. and then other things were suggested. just making sure before i go on with anything.
I think C.A.P.E. is the name of the organisation as a whole - but for the name of the reform group, i'm not sure if we're decided or not.
- Can I just add in that if you are writing this at the minute, do not include Waryet…I'd rather introduce him myself and then work him in, if that's okay.
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PIT_FACE at 12:11PM, Sept. 17, 2012
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allright then. and yeah, no prob. this was just between Bones and Desperado, no worries!

Sebastian_Sandberg at 9:14PM, Sept. 22, 2012
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Mac, could we scrap Virtus involvement in “Crossed Wires” all together? I feel you're going to have better success doing that script on your own than you could ever hope to get out of my involvement. And with Wireless role in HA 7, which takes place before HA 6, I've become hampered by continuity one time to many. The idea I had for Virtus sub-plot has now become unusable.
I'm really sorry about this, but let's face it, HA doesn't need me to thrive, and I've always had commitment issues…
PQ:ing this as well, but I'll go right ahead and bite the hand that feeds me by stating that DD's PQ system sucks without message alerts!
Abt_Nihil at 1:33PM, Sept. 23, 2012
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I'm really busy right now and may forget things concerning HA that need doing. If I need to do something, please remind me. Except I know I need to write the Zombie Queen script and read the Ninja script :p

Also, I had a nifty idea for what RISE could mean. Sadly, I had that idea yesterday and forgot it in the meantime. But yeah, I like “RISE” in principle.
ironhand at 1:56PM, Sept. 23, 2012
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Reform Initiative ___ Enforcement/Enterprise?
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Abt_Nihil at 4:52AM, Sept. 24, 2012
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Reform Initiative for Superpowered E_____? :p
Nepath at 5:13AM, Sept. 24, 2012
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LuchaCoffee at 6:44AM, Sept. 24, 2012
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I like :D
I like my horror films like I love my burgers…Full of Cheese!!

Genejoke at 8:43AM, Sept. 24, 2012
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Sebastian_Sandberg at 12:43PM, Sept. 24, 2012
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Reform Initiative for Severe Emergencies?
shastab24 at 6:06PM, Sept. 24, 2012
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I think my story does raise problems in everything. The fact is that there are some lines that make it only make sense before Heroes Divided (and one's coming soon). I had thought it would be posted before Heroes Divided when I wrote it, and it was only after assigning pages and getting some of those back that Heroes Divided started. It was too late to change the dialogue, because some of it was right on those pages. Plus, I didn't know what would be invalidated at the end of Hunted, and some of it has been. It's the problem with making reference to the universe as a whole.
Escutcheon at 8:55PM, Sept. 29, 2012
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So an interesting hook came to mind after I got home from work.
I'm not really sure how much stock it's really worth, but, here goes. You probably have already gotten it planned out, but here's my idea-
A villain finds out about Bombshell's double-dealing shenanigans. Rather than go and jump on it immediately, they decide to wait and see it in action first. So they stalk one of the HA teams until they can see just how these phenomena happen.
Once they've got an idea of how HA acts, they set a trap. Have a lesser bad guy make trouble, let HA show up- and then let all heck break loose as anyone with even a slight grudge is let loose on HA.
PIT_FACE at 7:42PM, Oct. 4, 2012
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oh, i like where we're goin with this guys! nice work!
Reform Initiative for Superpowered Entities (or Egos)?
also, i thought it might be kind cool to have some kind of I.D. the members would have to identify themselves with. like with how community service workers (at least the ones who are making up a debt to society) have to wear orange jumpsuits. maybe some kind of vest with “R.I.S.E.” on the back and front? hm, but maybe some people wouldnt like how much that'd cover their character's costume. and for characters who transform, things like that would be well….short lived. so maybe some kind of badge or something? anyone open to this?

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Macattack at 9:54PM, Oct. 6, 2012
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Sorry Seb. Didn't see that till now. First chance I've had to just relax and check this stuff in months! But life's starting to settle down for me now. Yeaaah, not certain what's going to happen with Crossed wires now… I wrote it so long ago that I kind of hate the pacing on it now and with the continuity as well… I'll have to figure something out though for introducing Wireless to the Alliance. This is still his main universe
mind_reader at 11:54PM, Oct. 7, 2012
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I have a story which can easily be self-contained regarding a biological attack of some kind. Something will drop down from space and into the streets of New York (or at least somewhere big and populated) - and the next minute every person has turned into some kind of creature. So in a nutshell, some of the HA who are immune (have strong skin/armor etc.) have to go in and keep the monsters at bay from spreading - whilst others have gone in and been infected (before the realisation) - others, of course, are trying to figure out a vaccination and locate where this came from. What do you guys think?
Macattack at 5:01AM, Oct. 23, 2012
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So, I'm thinking of rewriting “Crossed Wires” as sort of a looking back or explaining what had happened type storyline.
A) Does that sound good?
B) Since the storyline is so old I think I might retake suggestions for what heroes want to make an appearance in it
Sebastian_Sandberg at 7:01AM, Oct. 23, 2012
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Like I said before Mac, cut Virtus out of it completely and pick a writing partner that can be there for you like I couldn't be.
On another note, if anyone wants to write a story with a time/reality distorting event, feel free to retcon Virtus existence in the HA-verse altogether as one of the consequences of said story. I'm not trying to be bitter, but I feel that it would be a pretty good consequence and it would fit me perfectly.
JimHarbor at 3:32PM, Oct. 23, 2012
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Hello guys. Long timereader and first time poster. I've done a lot of online writing stuff, mostly worldbuilding for shared universe fanfics and the occasional RP design. I wanted to knowif there was a procedure. I have fully formed pitch, and several follow-upideas that I could use, but I wanted to know if there was some kind ofeditorial or other group that I could give the pitch to for a yes/no. I canstart writing as soon I would get marching orders (page number/ characters allowedetc.) due to my loose schedule but I wanted to know how this is run. Sorry ifthis is uncouth or if I had missed something glaringly obvious.Thankyou for your time.
just so I dont seem like I signed on just to shill:

EGO returning could very well be
akin to the return of the Phoenix in AVX or that of Amazon in JLU. Very
powerful forces coming back to Earth. Make the story less about EGO and how the
various characters REACT to EGO.

Reform Iniative for
Superpowered Entities seems like a great name.

A thing you would notice is that
after big disasters, the Powers that Be always try to reestablish support in the
status qou. After HU falls, I believe that the Government (USA) would establish
a public, high profile State-Sponsored team that would be seen as a
counterpoint to HU, as the PR of Superhumans must be very low after the New Roscoe

a deliberate in-story reboot of the Heroes concept. Kinda like how Scott deliberately
made the Astonishing X-Men to be as heroic as possible after Morrisons Darker
Run, or how the new Uncanny X Men were deliberately made to be a bit warlike.
All fiction is meta fiction and I think it would be cool to have a bit of levity
if the characters feel they need to re-add the confidence of superheroes in their
world just like we feel we need to steer somewhat away from the darkness that
reached its climax at New Roscoe.

that was just a very longwinded way of saying that I believe that if any Revival
efforts would be made in-verse they would be design to evoke the original HU as
much as possible, but better as to restore faith. So something like Heroes
Unlimited or Heroes Unleashed or Heroes Universal or Heroes Union.
Something like that.
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Abt_Nihil at 5:54AM, Oct. 24, 2012
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mind_reader: Ah, a “Venom bomb” type of thing? I could see that. It's an opportunity for some nice imagery. I think it'll hinge on some details - which characters will this story ultimately be about, and what will they do? Also, I could see this either as a shorter (up to 20 pgs.) or longer (about 30 pgs.) story… but I think a longer story requires a bit more of a twist, which would have to be worked out.

Macattack: If I remember correctly, the premise was to have the younger team members of HA solve a case of their own, so I think we should be faithful to this premise. I also liked the idea of bringing Motherboard back…

Seb: He's your character, so it's your decision.

JimHarbor: Thanks for the input! Usually, we first discuss story ideas here on the forums, since a lot of people will have to commit to it. But a go ahead shouldn't be hard to get, and you're giving the impression that you definitely know what you're writing about! :-) And yes, I also thought of EGO's eventual return to have something of a JLU Amazo vibe to it. Regarding your “superhero revival” point, I think it depends on the interests of the people involved. I'm not sure a government initiative would be primarily concerned with restoring faith in superheroes, but with “getting the job done”. In my mind, RISE is exactly such a team: More of a covert ops team, low on publicity, but high on efficiency. It's rather teams like HA, who are more idealist, who have to deal with public backlash in the wake of the New Rosscoe events.
Abt_Nihil at 5:56AM, Oct. 24, 2012
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Please also see my post on the freshly renamed “character development” thread, it's important for this thread as well.
ironhand at 8:28AM, Oct. 26, 2012
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I am currently working on the “time” storyline I mentioned to you, abt. I think I could hjave the rough storyline ready pretty soon - depending on how long I work on it.
I'd also like to show people some storylines that can be touched on -
I mention this in the upcoming issue I have written - but there is a lack of knowledge in how magics work in terms of the HA - and that's cool. What I have in mind is perhaps the barriers between magic realms and this one are slowly breaking down with so much use the villains have. That way, when a magic guy comes along - we can learn alot. But yeah, the magics breaking down and the HA having to fight stuff they don't understand sounds really cool - I'd like to keep it that way. I also had an idea about perhaps Alicia/Fury being some kind of demon or something magical. That way, someone could perhaps mention something along the lines of “if a demon could possess a little girl's family through the genarations without noone knowing - what else is out there?”
*I would like to point out that I have plan for magic etc and how maybe it could come to a head - not saying now as it would most likely be much further down the line*
This is alot more loose, but what I think HA needs is a villain just for them - and not for a particular character. I already have two huge villains which I ran by abt a while back - who could be arch nemesis - but I think HA needs someone who, when the issue hits the last page and we find out who is behind it all, we as readers understand how big this villain is and be like “oh, snap! this is huge!”
There are more ideas I have but these two are ones I think are interesting. The magic one, I think, needs good build up and by having the odd issue where magics occur would be cool.
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JimHarbor at 12:29PM, Oct. 26, 2012
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And Here's the Pitch:

The key to my initial concept lies in a recontexulalization
of what it means to be Superhuman, or Superheoric, in a Modern setting.

In my interpretation, rather than have superheroes seen as
walking WMDs, as is the view taken by comics such as the Ultimates, they are
more akin to be seen as Astronauts. Lets go back to the 1960 zeitgeist that inspired
most of the Superheoric tropes we all take our cues from. The Electric Breath
of eh future was in the air and anything was possible, rather than accidents
being the result of everyman strength or fortuitous births as in the infant
stages of the 1930s and 40s, superheroes were made by the ultimate skills of
science, mans true testament over the natural world.
This is a world where we have living testaments to humanities
ability to ascend our natural bounds

Thats gonna change some world views.

In this world, where they were defined by a united force of
these supermen for some nebulous amount of time, is going to have a very unique
viewpoint for what it is to be superhuman.

So when we have the disaster at New Roscoe, we can draw a
parallel to the great exploration disasters of our time, such as Challenger and
Columbia explosions. And what did the US, do after Columbia? It declared its
Mars agenda.

So heres the idea, imagine a US Government, seeing this
quagmire of an event wanting to rekindle the optimal optimism of Heroes United,
elections are coming up, and no one wants to be blamed for that kind of
disaster. This is a world were kids
probably have posters of Bombshell in their dorm rooms, where licensed action
figures and documentaries recount tales of heroes going out into the brave and
bold new world of mankind.

Also make a note that Heroes United was an international
project and now that it is over, individual states will surely start their own

But as I said, rather than contextualizing this as a
Superhuman ARMS race, this is a Superhuman SPACE RACE. These beings are tools
of death and destruction, as we already have the ultimate weapon in the Nuke,
but they are tools of bounty. Imagine Weather Manipulators sin the Sahara,
human electrical generators, and the medical emergency squad headlined by
Speedsters. This is a world in which Superhumans are seen as the ultimate
endpoint of human development and are thus seen as a stars eyes view into the

So given this scenario, of a USA reeling from a major
disaster, questioning the cultural motivation of the last five years or so, and
left with this huge ball to pick up how would they go about it?

So they make this brand new Superteam, not the blackops
style get er done methods head by General Lawler and R.I.S.E. but a public
half propaganda, half Vanguard team of Superhumans. Rather than individual
costumes they would be outfitted with Uniforms, designed by the US (and us of
course) to perfectly encapsulate the sheer awesomeness that is a superhero. Combine
the wow! fator of Youll believe a man can fly with the Cool! factor of
the super sleek 2000s X-Men. Imagine Frank Quietly by the way of Mitchell
Jamieson. Big observable stylized logos, individual color touches, and heres
the kick, no masks or helmets of any kind. A big image I have in my head is of
this team standing in front of the white house posed like that famous image
of the Apollo crew, shining there
looking out at the nation as saying This is the Future America, and it is
good. And that sort of boundless optimism conflicted with the fear of change
is what this proposal is all about.


Karen Cole - New Girl on the Block

Karen here is the viewpoint charter, a bit of a necessity of
teams, note the narrative purpose Rouge served in the first X-men film and the
way Whedon recycled this archetype in his Eisner-winning Astonishing run with
Kitty Pryde. Shes just turned 18, and as we open to a shot of her room we see
it filled with all sorts of artifacts of the 21st netury youth. Interested
in EVERYTHING, half decked trading card games, posters of Straus-Generational matrixes,
ley lien conspiracy theories and of course, Superheroes, Superheroes, Superheroes.
Karen is our window into the HU world, as while the Street level dynamic has
been done before, seeing how one contrasts, and synthesizes, the mundane with
the supreme is the essence of all fantasy fiction.

So we have this girl who gets a letter in the mail form her University
of Choice, saying that her stellar GPA is now null and void because she tested
positive for psychic powers. Now imagine the shock and awe of basically having
one life taken out (the mundane) and replaced with this new fantastic model,
but not by a spider-bite or an alien artifact, but by a piece of paper!

Her powers are based on an emphatic pan-dimensional link (as
many have theorized that human conscious is multi-dimensional in nature) she
can link her minds with others like its a smart phone and extract, or manipulate,
data. She always had hunches in her
trivia championships, video gaming contests, tcg playing, school etc. Ad now
shes coming to terms with the fact that all her life what she thought was
skill was actually just this freak of genetic nature, so shes having the face
this deconstruction of the changeling fantasy where, rather than it falling
short because it not all its cracked up to be, it falls because it IS (very
Huxley I know :P ).

So the US gets a word of a Psychic, and is sooped up, they
open up with one of those fusion draft/recruitment/ Talented and Gifted
programs and shes taken into a place that reads like a fusion of Hogwarts and
WestPoint, where every indigo child, autistic super savant and otherwise out
there person is collected and analyzed to see if the potential for the
greatness of all is within.

(This wouldnt be fleshed out all at once, as intrusive flashbacks
are usually story killers)

The main point is that she makes the cut, and after they
suit her up in one of those oh-so-fantastic Costume/Uniforms I described above.
Shes standing among giants, and shes feeling like every High School Senior
that got sent to the NBA. Awe, disbelief, and an unbridled pressure.

Her position in the team as the “Jean Grey Psychic, non-damaging
power role is part of the ”heroic elemental Niche that you can see elsewhere
(and marvelously lampooned on Adventure Bros.)

Guy Austin -Tazer-In Charge

Guy here is a unique animal in that hes been with HU from
the start. I love the dynamic he has with Natasha in Aftermath and I would like
to pool that here.

Austin here is basically a soldier without a cause. Imagine
a war vet coming back from nam. He was part of this dream team that sought to
make a better world and it blew up in face, with a lot of people caught in the
crossfire. So why his placement on this

Rather than be a Sell-out as Bombshell so apt put it, he
sees this as a chance to make amends and do Heroes right. A key quote here is
Heroes United was a dream we all woke of from, its time to make a reality we
can all belie in. His growing tension
with being on a State team would be a potent undercurrent of the run. While the
President keeps him on as team leader, I image hed have a very Scott Summers
post-M Day vibe, in which he has the need to fight off the encroaching jaded
view on his life.

Power wise I want to have him really let loose with what is power
set implies. Hes not just a guy who makes lightening, eh is a guy who IS
lighting. Imagine a scene of him with his arms fading out into long arcs, or
his hair slicking out little licks of lightening when he speaks up like one of
those ball toys.

This is a guy who can grind vertically up a pole, slide on
it like hes Cole from Infamous, and have ten huge arc bolts arc from his hands
like Shango come down from on high. Its because of this that I suggest we move
away from the living mask look an go with the Open face uniform as described above,
both encapsulating the theme of the run and also symbolizes his new embracing
of his powers as that of Freedom. (There are several ways to write in his reaching
this next level of power, so I would defer to the previous writer on the exact details
of this occurrence)

I basically want to do him, his power set, and his past
trauma what Waid di to Daredevil. He came from a dark place but the dude is
totally unfettered and if the theme is supposed to carry he has to be the guy
here who represent that being a superhero is F#$@!@*KING AWESOME!

The fact that Natasha has been brought back of course is
just icing on the cake.

Natasha Lawler The Comeback Commander

Oh boy heres a doozy. Nat has had a lot dragged through her
over the years. Shes our Nick Fury archetype with good backstory and a lot of
interpersonal relationships to make use of, so she can be both a blessing and a

Now rather than toss everything before under rug unceremoniously
like they did with Iron Mans with his brain melt. I suppose we recognize, and transcend.
Natasha, for better or worse, is probably the one person who has the best handling
of how to deal with superhuman operations on the planet, and shes American. They
would be amiss not to use her. Of course there would be a HUGE tension between
her and Guy, not anything hostile, but the subtle cracks that you find in a
marriage after a couple years and a few indiscretions. With that's said I dont
want this to be dour, I want a return to the kick ass action Mission-control
Commander weve seen before. No longer
in charger, shes been demoted to a literal Commander but still works as the Oracle or voice in
the earpiece of the team on missions.

Her dads been launched upstairs into a General Position and
now is the head of the USA Superhuman Agency. With R.I.S.E. the new Heroes and
basically the whole of the this Brave New World in his lap, the fact that shes
back in the Family business so to speak will have an effect on her charter
growth and the way she develops here.


Not the clich villainous or machinating enemy that is often
seen is such stories; its something a lot different, human. Im looking at old
Apollo documentaries about how all this was set up and its relay quiet inspiring
seeing how is all came together. I want
to capture that feel of the Post-Kennedy America Renaissance that had us going
through the hurricane of the sixties while still climbing for the ultimate

President DwayneWilson
A former political outsider
and idealists feeling the burden of office crushing down on him and a coming election
to deal with. A true prophet President,"
this is a guy who got elected right around the time heroes first became
mainstream, so hes really tied his image and sense of self of this Heroic

Victor Craid
A Washington Stooge ofA Veep , a career politician using this as stepping stone to the Oval Officewho was only put on because he needed someone to pull in the establishmentvotes on the ticket. Dudes a total
skeezeball, with big glasses and peaked hair, the dude just reeks of opportunism
and scavenging. Hes to be the primary symbol of Bureaucratic obstructionism
and general national incompetence and treachery.

General Lawler
The old dog dealingwith new tricks being behind this massive spearhead, there's a lot of backissues between him and his daughter and having them in the same organization,
even tangentially will bound to bring some stuff up. Hes also running R.I.S.E.
on the side and any man with both the Avengers and the Suicide Squad on his
plate is sure to be quite the warhorse. J

Dr. Thomas Finn
The Young teen genius. Jimmy neutron and Richie Rich all
bunched up into one. Imagine this kid who has had the money and brains of Tony
Stark but the wild and limitless imagination of a child. This is Dexters lab
on crack,Malachai Nicollewith a defense budget, Willie Wonka
crossed with Bill Gates. So now what happens when this boy becomes a teen and
hes made the Tech specialist of the Governments new Heroes Initiative? Awesome
stuff thats why. If this is the sixties
well need a Q and if this is the Space Race well need a Sergei Korolev. Dudes
all Doggie Howser and hormones and hes epic.


With a classic team book, due to the fact that you cant (or
should not) focus explicitly on the auspices of a single character they will
often become about ideas“ or concepts basically using the characters
and their relationships with each other and the world to move the greater story
along. I picture a modular method, in which stories are made one at a time with
a collection of modules or different
ideas and hooks that can be picked up, that way, if any piece wont fit in with
a general idea or direction, and can just as easily be replaced and stepped
back in.

So far Ive synopsis for at least three Modules” each of
which could be expanded into a full story arc, of varying length depending on circumstances.

The Villains

Of course, a good story is nothing without good villains.
Rather than have a moustache twirler effect going on Id like the villains to
be reflections of our heroes, Mirror duplicates of them motivated by the same
drives and ideas but taken in a way thats
them on the opposite side f the chess board.


Canada here serves as the perfect example of what Im
running with here. Not only has its nigh-villainous qualities been set up with MAPLE in
the excellent Wireless, run but the idea of it, Americans nerdy
younger brother kicking ass an taking names, perfectly encapsulates what I mean of the Seize the
Future idea here.

Canadas place as subservient, politically to the UK, Socioeconomically
to the US, has put it in a bit of a cultural crisis. Now with the metahumans
coming up and the Governments reaction to them, I believe we should evolve this

Rather than have the fear of the Superhumans manifest as gotta
purge them all, Canada is gotta catch em all SO as opposed to the various
reactionary methods started across the world in this New Space Race we see a
new political party rush into power and a charismatic PM declaring that the
Superhumans must be used for The Common Good.

In a twisted inversion of the idea of using Superhumans for
public works, as recommended on this thread, he imparts the Canadian superhuman
presence along a massive cultural resurgence.

People tatted up with Maple leaves screaming Canada Pride! Very special episodes of Degrassi about what
to do if you spot a Meta, that kind of stuff. As the sleeping giant wakes up, enter…

The Metamen

These guys ARE the future, a classic villain team in opposition
to the heroes, they represent the dark mirror of the Scientific
Self-Determination at the heart of a superhero narrative, rather than being
individuals with talents, naturally raised, these beings are abominations born
of science and impiety.

Colonel Canada -The Human Regiment

Decked out in the white and red, an
ultra-patriotic leader of the Metamen and a dark play on the Captain Country
theme. Not only is he equipped with the
best purview in human enhancing hardware and bioware imaginable, but his brain
is linked up to a hyper neruobionet. A Colonel is nothing without his Regiment
and a legion of the Dominions Finest stand with him as the shock troopers of
the New Agenda. These guys just arent mooks, but their brains are his brains, and
so every command execution, all their training, skills, abilities, not to
mention all sensory input, is wired right into his brain. A Colonel IS his
regiment and with the combined skills of the 1000 best men in the Canadian
military he is an unstoppable strategic, physical and commanding force. Jingoistic,
commandeering and egotistical, His entire motivation is based on petulant pride
and general self-loathing, every high School Jock writ large and with a couple billion
dollars worth of superpowers behind him

MuscleMind- When The Brains ARE The Brawn

Who said all the cool names are taken? MM is a play up on
the MODOK/Dr Zola idea. A big ol face in a sci-fi boxjar but with a huge brain spiraling
out the top, until it curves and comes down into muscle fists, walking like
gorilla on his own brain lobes. MuscleMind's brain has been energized into a giant
muscle, giving him brain and brawn, using GalvaKinectic stimulation, the more
he works out his super strength empowered Muscle/Arm/Brains the smarter he
gets and as he pummels you he can calculate the way the battle is going 2,365 moves from

The Blitz- Zoom Zoom Boom!

A riff on the classic flying brick archetype, He has graviocentric
spheres embedded all across his body giving him that gratuitously over
designed sci-fi look. Each sphere can generate force, which can be used for
burst speed, invulnerability, flight or superstrength. But rather than the
controlled method of say superman, imagine something more akin to The Bullet.
Blasting out, zigg zaging midair and making very abrupt and sharp turns, putting
uncontrollable pinball chaos in a jar.

Chaos Brain- The Future is His

A Dark figure, the top of his head replaced with the clear
black pulsating, dark mass in a case, with it coming down to two big view screens
were his eyes were. Chaos Brain has the power of quantum foresight, meaning he can
see every event at once and take the most optimal one. This guy can walk
through a room of guys all shooting at him and make it to eth other side
without a scratch. When seen are shown from his perspective, they look like
this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded“> The big one, filling in my favorite design scheme of boundless
unlimited power that needs to be held in and can only be let out it little pieces
Cyclopes, The Wind Tunnel from Inuyasha, Black Bolt etc.

The look is what would happen if you took Xorn/Zorn and did
it in Ancient Iran, All body features totally unidentifiable, not even a
gender. A Huge facemask and every orifice covered up in hard metal casing. In
the abdomen a large pulsating warp core glowing green. When using these powers (When
Zarathustra Speaks) large amounts of energy come out of the release valves in
the armor. Usually the holes in the hands, but if really powerful, it opens up
from the mask holes. They will blast anything anywhere: volcanos, under the ocean,
the sun, powers limitless. The Transport member of the team and also the most dangerous
since there is a literally Rapture Bomb* in its chest.

*An explosion is merely the act of taking an object's components
and moving them elsewhere in a radius. Now imagine each individual atom of a structure
being teleported a thousand miles away. Boom.

I have several more in mind, (Heroes Infinite, Ben Peor and
Lady Asherah, The Coming of EGO, World War S but it would be impetuous to list
of further modules after this one. I don't know exactly how you handle
editorial and writing assignments. But Im good as a plotter working with a
scripter and should the ideas be liked but spots already taken with other
writers, I could join on with them as an editor” to try to bring what you
liked into my pitch into their work.
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shastab24 at 11:50PM, Oct. 26, 2012
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I have a few ideas for future stories:

The first is a biggie, one that I brought up with Nepath as an idea, and would hope someone will take up–since he has abandoned Energize Stormfront in his comic, I say we take the pages he already did and use them to make it into a Heroes Alliance story, finishing everything and putting a capper on the Stormfront storyline. Of course, this is in part because I don't want to see great art go to waste, but also because it can have a cool scenario where Heroes Alliance can be seen as coming to the forefront in the public's mind, that there is a team after Heroes Unite. Plus, the fun battles that can happen and the true impending dread of knowing their enemy is the villain that in one future took out all the heroes in the world.

Second, I have an idea of a man who goes about stealing superhumans, or at least their weaponry if they don't have powers, in order to somehow augment their power onto his own in order to become powerful enough to possibly be considered audience with the Elder Gods (or whatever name one wants to use for Lovcraftian gods) in order to join their ranks and possibly rule the world, leaving it up to the non-powered, now-unarmed heroes to rise up against him, both to save their fellow heroes and villains (I'd imagine the process transferring the powers would also sap their lifeforce) and to prevent the Elder Gods from destroying the Earth should they enter our plane of existance (as they are likely to do without even realizing it exists).

Third, something I've had cooking for a bit, and not quite as big as the last two (involving my characters, of course)–someone has tampered with Relik's belt, causing him to be transported to another dimension of vicious monsters when he puts it on. Sparkle gets sucked in with him, because she had entered the room trying to build the courage to ask Brad out. Bombshell and Astral, the latter of which had been urged by Sparkle to ask Bombshell out if she was to do the same with Brad, are the first to find out about this and work to get the two heroes free, as Relik and Sparkle fight for their lives.
mind_reader at 5:11AM, Oct. 29, 2012
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abt_nihil: Yes, Venom Bomb (and the film: Prometheus, in ways) is where the idea came from. Regarding characters - I'm currently going through the roster now of a few and Shell and Relik are definites (they have armor for protection) - maybe Titan. For those who get infected I have : Bombshell, Bleeder, Comet Kid, Peligroso - and more. I have sent you the roughy plan, though, for the issue via personal quack. Let me know what you think. In pages - yes, I think it will come to around 25 pages, maybe less :-)
Nepath at 5:17AM, Oct. 29, 2012
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Out of the downfall of the HU came two things that are already established. 1) Heroes Alliance 2) The Heroes Unite - which is a small team headed up by Tazer with Natasha (a.k.a former commander) now calling herself Mercenary.
Your idea is very indepth and interesting but if it does work out as an HA chapter at some point it would be minus Tazer and Natasha.
JimHarbor at 9:30AM, Oct. 29, 2012
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Yeah Nepath, i was originally tryin to pitch this in the HU Forum, but since ite was inactive, I asked Abt and he told me to come here. It's supposed to be a follow up to the current HU run in the same way Whedon's astonishing X-Men follwe Morrison's New X-Men. So it wouldnt be happneding concurrent with what's going on now if your worried about scheduling conflicts.
Abt_Nihil at 8:33AM, Oct. 31, 2012
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Frankly, I'm not sure what you're aiming for. A reboot? Relaunch? Parallel universe? New series? Elseworlds? Whatever it is, how do you think we could pull off MAKING it? With a community project, that's always the primary question. What we've been trying to do for the past few years is, slowly but surely, establish an ongoing series, integrating new characters as we go along. We've hardly cashed in on what we've established so far. Why should we start something completely new at this point, something that doesn't acknowledge present continuity, but rather reshuffles the deck completely?

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