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A sinister introduction
SinisterDuck at 9:03AM, Nov. 6, 2021
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Hi folks,

Newly signed-up duckling here. I’ve been dipping in over the years looking inspiration to finally have a go at creating my own stuff. It’s always cool seeing so much enthusiasm and variety in the comics posted here.

The Covid lockdown here in Scotland gave me a bit more free time to get writing and drawing. I came up with Miss Sisyphus and spent about a year and a half completing it. Being a bit of a luddite I drew it and lettered it by hand (and basically had to learn to draw as I went along!).

Looking forward to catching up with all your creations,

Andreas_Helixfinger at 10:59PM, Nov. 6, 2021
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Welcome SinisterDuck to the coolest webcomic hosting plattform in the world. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here like the rest of us have. I know I love it anyway. I haven't read your comic yet, but I'll get to it in due time.
Ozoneocean at 9:13AM, Nov. 7, 2021
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IT's hard to beleive you learned to draw just for the comic. That's a pro priece of work and you could sell it.
Excelent comic.
hushicho at 9:11PM, Nov. 12, 2021
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I love your style! Welcome, and I will have to check out your gorgeous comic soon!
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theboostran at 7:14PM, Nov. 17, 2021
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became a searcher,wanting to discover who i was and what made me precise. my view of myself turned into changing. i desired a stable base to start from. i commenced to resist3 stress to behave in ways that i didn’t like any greater,and i used to be delighted by who i in reality become. i got here to feel a good deal extra sure that no one can ever take my region.
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MattDavise at 3:38PM, Nov. 19, 2021
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Sinister Duck, this stuff is mind-blowing! I'm only about 20 pages in and I'm riveted. And yes, the artwork is gorgeous!!

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