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If you know what's good for you...
lothar at 8:41PM, Nov. 18, 2022
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Do you?
I thought I did but I think I didn't.

Now it's Jager meister mixed with Red Bull and early 2000s trance.

It's better than podcasters.

What you like?
Ozoneocean at 7:28PM, Nov. 20, 2022
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Haha, that sounds ghastly XD
But each to their own.

I've really moved away from drinking. Rarely I'll have a teeny bit of meed or a couple of glasses of a nice red wine if I'm with company, or a glass of beer if I'm seeing a friend at the pub.

A margarita or tequila shots with other company haha!

But all of the above is in strict moderation and never too much. 3 drink absolute maximum. Preferably no more than 2.
Meed is the only stuff I'll drink alone and only enough for a few sips.

The stuff just makes me too ill and I'm finally old enough to realise that XD
plymayer at 10:36PM, April 21, 2023
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Jager meister mixed with Red Bull

Sounds like that would taste like a Jolt cola or some such thing.

I like all sorts of beer. Guinness and other stouts or porters are my favorite. Been known to down spiced rum or navy rum or just rum & cokes.
InkyMoondrop at 7:09AM, June 27, 2023
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I can always enjoy some Cuba Libre. But I'd hardly say no to pretty much any cocktail you can find in a bar. If I'd be a millionaire, I'd probably be an alcoholic one from trying new ones all around.

Otherwise, tea is fine for me.
lothar at 7:57AM, June 27, 2023
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Night train

Andreas_Helixfinger at 5:16AM, July 8, 2023
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I tried red wine on can for the first time today. Which to me is absolutely ingenous because as much as I love wine, I can't have more then a glass or two of it or I'll have a headache, which means I might have to take a Paracetamol, which I can't take until after the alcohol is out because it can screw up my liver if I'm still drunk and it's the only headache pill I'm allowed to take beacuse of my Ulcerus Colitis (Don't google it!), any other might give me stomach wounds.

So all my blessings to whoever came up with wine on can! I-N-G-E-N-I-O-U-S invention^^

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