Season 1.12- Season Finale

LanceDanger on Dec. 18, 2006

Sorry for the delay! A mix of sudden rush of writing jobs and technical difficulties (not to mention a bout with a nasty throat infection, hate those) has set me way back! Anywho, here's the season 1 finale! I thank you all for viewing and commenting, season 2 will premier right here next year (while at season 3 will premier) =D Hope you all liked season 1 and stick around for #2! Anywho, about this trip in particular, yeah, it probably doesn't make much sense, but, it's something, very important to me, “fluidity”, as Bruce Lee said, “still waters grow stale, so you've got to keep on flowing!” XD
Dracco: Whoa, never really seen myself that way lol! I just like, to try and experiment, whatever let's me express myself honestly :); Freakeh: Awww, you guys, now you're both trying to make me blush! >tee-hee< Anywho, thank you! And no, I don't think it's vain at all at all! *huggles* It actually made me curious to see some of your stuff as well! Anywho, I have, a few stuff written on my deviantArt account scattered around. But, I have a blog that I used for my webcomics before I found Drunk Duck, which I am retooling to turn it into a blog where I put mostly sketches and poems, as well. While I fix that all up, I'll pq you some more stuff, deal? :)