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The Freewheelin' 2015

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Dec. 28, 2015

Two-thousand fifteen started off with Kroatz wishing everyone in the Drunk Duck forums “growth, satisfaction, and purpose, even if it comes with an almost equal amount of suffering and loss.” I do not believe any statement made in this last year comes as close to this to sum up the year. Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but this year turned out to be a year of new experiences.

I can respectfully say that I grew up a lot this year. There are some years that are “off-years” when we hit a slump and lack any motivation to do anything. I have come to the realization that the last five years of my twenties were my off years because I spent so much time comparing my life with the lives of the people around me. It was not until I compared my life in the present with my life one year ago that I came to a better understanding of how much I have improved.

There is an analogy of a chess game that I like to use to describe minor mistakes in major life decisions. When playing a game of chess, it is possible that I'll slip up and make a move without thinking about the consequences. Even though it is too late to fix the mistake, the next few moves made are to correct the initial mistake. I like to believe that life is like a chess game because we are bound to make errors, but we can also change the course of the game and repair it.

This was one of the best years of my life and I am sad to see it end this week.

Notable Drunk Duck standouts include
Niccea for pulling together and hosting the 2015 Drunk Duck Awards, Vinomas for keeping the Drunk Duck Fashion Forum alive and running, HippieVan for organizing the 2015 Secret Santa, Banes
for contributing to the weekly Quackcast and jumping on board as the Thursday News writer, and ozoneocean for hiring a programmer to begin site improvements and for being a Super Star of the site. There is so much additional work and time that goes on behind the scenes on Drunk Duck.

I would also like to personally thank everyone who has ever used Project Wonderful to advertise their comic on our front page. Support from comic creators to help other comic creators is the best!


"Abraham “Bram” Van Helsing IV and Vlad Dracula II become friends, bicker a lot, mock all the vampire fiction and try to survive broken hearts and mobs of fan girls. A webcomic about vampires, geeks and people in love. Maybe not in this order."

strixvanallen hopes you are all fine and dandy today because Bram & Vlad has hit its 300th page (and actually passed it because it is now on page 305). They grow up to fast.

Read Bram and Vlad! It is a fantasy comic and rated E.



This is Bravo's idea!

What do you think of stories where the narrative order is mixed up?

- Doing stories that start with the climax, then flashback tell what happened to get there and the old narrative style of when finished switching the first few chapters around.

Contribute Here:

What's Quacking?
Do you have any original art to contribute to our stock image database, announcements, community projects, ideas, news, or milestones to report? Please leave general comments below or send a PQ to kawaiidaigakusei. Email me at kawaiidaigakusei(at)gmail(dot)com.



Banes at 11:08AM, Dec. 28, 2015

My favorite thing about Mondays is often getting to read a thoughtful, thought-provoking post from kawaii. In the last few months the reality of years going by ever faster has hit me like a hammer. It was also my least prolific year since joining the Duck. But this site continues to be a bright spot...and now an ongoing indicator of time's lightspeed passage with each week's struggle to think of something to post.

usedbooks at 6:20AM, Dec. 28, 2015

I got a job where I wanted this year and felt a little closer to my dream of a permanent job. (Atm, I find only summer work as a park ranger.) I usually feel career is mostly out of my control, though. My creative endeavors are something I can control. If I gauge my life by pages drawn and story milestones, I feel much more successful.

KimLuster at 4:47AM, Dec. 28, 2015

As the years pass I've kinda quit categorizing my life around them (2011 was good, 2010 can go to hell, etc...) but I will say the latter half of this year has been a little extra challenging! Thankful for the little pleasures like creating a webcomic, and Thankful for all the people mentioned about that keep a site where I can publish it for free going!

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