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The first webcomic page

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Jan. 25, 2019

I’m in the process of moving house and I took the opportunity to go through some childhood belongings. During my excavation I stumbled across the very first comic page I ever drew. This was quite the find as I had long believed that my first ever webcomic, with its very original title, Dragon Crest, was lost forever between all the upgrades and server crashes.

It came on the heels at having completed a season of one of our comics and I was reflecting on how far the art had come in less than a year, (to the point where I am struggling to resist the temptation to redraw the beginning!)

When I began drawing, I held the firm belief that my style was not original, mainly due to me copying poses from all the “how to draw manga” I could get my hands on. But looking back at it, in spite of the that, I could see the beginnings of a style of sorts. Though I am glad that I figured out a way to draw overflowing hair and have it not look like a thousand strands!

So I thought it might be worth sharing this relic of a webcomic page. We all start from humble beginnings after all.

Do you have a copy of your first webcomic? What do you think of it now? Let us know in the comment section below. And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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blntmaker at 12:06PM, Jan. 27, 2019

Maybe we should do a 10-year challenge here in The Duck. How has your art or storytelling evolved in that span of time?

Albino Ginger at 11:22AM, Jan. 25, 2019

I actually have my first ever comic up on the Duck XD Here is the link if you are interested…

JaymonRising at 10:08AM, Jan. 25, 2019

@usedbooks, heh, that reminds me of the second to last panels from this:

JustNoPoint at 8:42AM, Jan. 25, 2019

Here is my very 1st comic page (cover). Here is a scene from the first issue of what is now The Devon Legacy. And here is an image of my 1st pic of Fenny I kept EVERYTHING!!!

usedbooks at 4:39AM, Jan. 25, 2019

I have all my Used Books pages in a series of three ring binders. The first COMIC I drew was pre-internet, and I no longer have it. It was a picture of two single-cell organisms. One was saying "Hey, baby, nice nucleus." And the caption said "Asexual Harassment."

JaymonRising at 4:33AM, Jan. 25, 2019

I, unfortunately, tend to throw away all my comics throughout hard times (my meltdowns are discreet but legendary) and only have the first Jands here But hey, I might remake it, along with a bunch of other cheaply made stuff when English was becoming my second language. Heh, I still have one by Christopher Hart myself from middle school...and remember tracing the characters only to redraw them naked. XP

bravo1102 at 2:50AM, Jan. 25, 2019

My first ever comic was in a 3x5 notepad. It still exists even though everything that came in the 30 years after is gone. The featured character was brought back in the Last Straw comic strip done in 2014 or so.

Lightfoot at 2:37AM, Jan. 25, 2019

I still have digital copies of my original comic, but not the paper artwork anymore. Looking at it, I think I wasn't sure what I wanted. Also a lot of the shadows were black, so there's a lot of black everywhere. I also did a lot of stupid things, like place it in England even though I didn't do a good job of the ascents. There's also a number of confusing twists. The comic I make now is a remake of that first webcomic, so there shouldn't be a surprise my first comic was also called "Pulse". It featured similar characters.

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