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Dealing with defeat

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, May 24, 2019

There are going to be times in your life where you will be rejected or subjected to defeat; whether that be professionally, personally or existentially. During these moments it is very easy to fall into a funk that feels impossible to drag yourself out of. So here are some tips and tricks that you can use to help get yourself going again.

Always have something else lined up
The upside of doing a webcomic is that there are multiple aspects to it, be that managing your social media accounts, writing it or drawing it. In general, it’s good for your mental wellbeing to feel like you’re moving forward. Having something to look forward to helps you shrug off difficult times. Don’t concentrate on whether or not you are “successful” but rather, what are you doing to move forward each day?

Defeat is an arbitrary measure. Reframe it
Think about every great story you have read or seen. There was a moment where the protagonist hit a low point and, despite it, moved passed it in order to succeed. Success is largely determined by how you see yourself amongst your peers, which, in of itself, is not a reliable source of measurement. Rather, take a beat to contextualise what this low moment is, figure out where you went astray and then move forward (again, looping back into the first point). Persistence is incredibly powerful.

Reward yourself for giving it a go
Did you try something only to have it fail? You’re not the first one to do so and you won’t be the last. What you have just learnt is that that method does not work and that, in of itself, is an invaluable lesson. When you keep going, reward yourself for your persistence. There is something to be said about the grind and its subsequent results.

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ShaRose49 at 2:42PM, May 25, 2019

Keep moving forward is basically my motto. I can’t stand the feeling of being stagnant

ozoneocean at 2:07AM, May 25, 2019

TRUE! The beauty of a webcomic is that even if you give up you've always got a body of work to show for it which you can display or even mine for useful stuff later on! I reuse aspects of my art all the time. There's a lot of good stuff in my old pages. Or you can go back to it any time and continue it. Take it in any direction.

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