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Pammertime Introduction+LaBalleur vs. Polar Ecksprez

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:00AM, July 23, 2023

LaBalleur (to the left), Polar Ecksprez (To the right), drew this fighting gamey pic myself:)

Hello everyone

This here will be a pilot post for a potential new blogposting series of mine that is going to be tabletop gaming related. Well… sort of. Let me explain

In the script writing on one of my newer comics titled PSYFLUNG (which you can go and check out for more context by clicking on the title, but beware, rated A ) I ended up inventing a combat sport called Pammering, where this intelligent race of four legged mutants with stilts for feet and treaks (beak-shaped elephant trunk-tendrils) for noses called Psyfs, particularly in his case the females of the race referred to as Pams, wrestle one another in a squared ring with foldable sides called a Pammerfall.

And recently I basically did this DIY thing with a Go board and some coins and polyhedral dice where a kind of sort of invented the groundwork for a tabletop game of my own based on this fictional combat sport, simply called the Pammering game.

Here are the Sport rules:

Pammers fights in a one-on-one match inside the Fall trying to beat their opponent either by hurling or forcing the opponent out of the fall - If the opponent falls out of the folded side she's Banco and have lost the match, but if she only falls on the side and not outside of it she's been Sideflung and can continue the match - or by beating up the opponent to the point of weariness (usually by stomping them) in which these little gates called damper-gates in her knees opens up and she has to go for a Check in which she must carefully stand upright without the dampers in the damper-gates swelling up like balloons in order to Pass and continue the match. If her dampers swells up she loses by D.O which stands for Damps-Out in which stilitic acid will be released in her body and she can't continue to fight without risking complete exhaustion.

A match continues til' one Pammer is beat either by Banco or D.O. There are no rounds in a Pammering match, instead it can go through phases called Bashes. Passing a Check or getting Sideflung, both which results in the match continuing, means a first Bash of the match is over and it goes into a next Bash. Each Pammer has a human handler with them called a Libaneur who is moving by their Pammer's respective side on the outside of the Fall, called Bankside, giving their Pammer supportive directions. And outside the Bankside you have the Spectator Side where spectators may support the Pammer they favour with their cheering.

Here are the Game Rules:

LaBalleur (Blue Dice on Go-board: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20), Polar Ecksprez (Orange Dice on Go-board: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20), Libaneurs (Coins on each side of the go-board), Spectators (Go-playing stones lined up around the outside of the board), Spectator support (Orange and Blue percentage die on each side outside the go-board)

Pammers are represented by six polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20). Each die serves as an indicator for either a form of attack (charging, grappling, chesting & stomping) or a form of stamina (Dodge & Endurance).

D4: Charging attack
D6: Grappling Attack
D10: Chesting attack (Yes, they use their chests for attacking:P)
D12: Stomping attack

D8: Dodge Stamina
D20: Endurance Stamina

I start the game by throwing all the dice on the board. Then I start grouping each Pammer's dice with the dice scores that came up, D4, D6 and D8 in the upper group (Fling & Dodge) and D10, D12 and D20 in the lower group (D.O-mination & Endurance), on each Pammer's half of the fall (like on the photo above).

D4 (charge) plus D6 (grapple) Fling score lowers opponents D8 Dodge score always. D10 (chesting) plus D12 (stomping) D.O-mination score lowers opponents D20 Endurance score always. After I've done the math I look at which of the stamina dice have gone down from plus to minus points (I indicate minus by turning the number of the stamina die upside down). Then I throw the spectator die and flip the Libaneur coin for each Pammer. If the percentage die lands on 50% up to 70% I get to roll the endurance die again to add recovery points which reduces every minus point back up to plus. 80% up to 100% means I get to make two recovery rolls on the same die. If the Libaneur coin lands on head it means the Libaneur's directions is getting through to the Pammer and I get to roll one recovery roll on the Dodge die.

After this, if any Pammer has more minus points left on eiter Dodge or Endurance then the opponent she loses, Banco if she got most minus points on Dodge or D.O if she got most minus points on Endurance. If neither of the Pammers Dodge or Endurance is down to minus the whole procedure is repeated in a second Bash and so on until one loses.

And here is the scoring of this match:

LaBalleur: Charge 3, Grapple 4, Dodge 5
Chesting 7, Stomping 11, Endurance 17

Polar Ecksprez: Charge 2, Grapple 3, Dodge 5
chesting 7, stomping 5, Endurance 11

LaBalleur's fling: 3 charge+4 grapple=7
Polar Ecksprez Dodge: 5-7=-2

LaBalleur's D.O-mination: 2 Chesting+11 Stomping=13
Polar Ecksprez Endurance: 11-13=-2

Polar Eckspre'z fling: Charge 2+Grapple 3=5
LaBalleur's Dodge: 5-5=-1

Polar Eckspre'z D.O-mination: Chesting 7+Stomping 5=12
LaBalleur's Endurance: 17-12=5

By these current scores Polar Ecksprez is ready to go either Banco or D.O and LaBalleur is ready to go Banco, but will pass a check and NOT D.O.

LaBalleur's Spectator support: 30%, no recovery roll on Endurance=5
LaBalleur's Libaneur support: Heads, she gets one recovery roll on Dodge=-1+8=7

Polar Eckspre'z Spectator support: 70%=one recovery roll on Endurance=-2+6=4
Polar Eckspre'z Libaneur support: Tails=no recovery roll on Dodge=-2

Bash 1 result: LaBalleur'd Dodge: 7 (Sideflung) & Endurance 5 (Passes Check)
Polar Eckspre'z Dodge: -2 (Banco) & Endurance 4 (Passes Check)

Match result: Polar Ecksprez goes Banco, LaBalleur wins the match, LaBalleur's Libaneur and fans shouts: “Yeaaaaaah!!! La-Ball-eur!!! La-Ball-eur!!!”

Polar Ecksprez walks outs in defeat while LaBalleur recieves a victory rose thrown by the Jumasque (masked referee) from the crow's nest that she catches in her treak as she does her victory lap and her Pammer theme is played by the Zcords (crawling instruments)

What a match!

Now! This I understand is a bit confusing. Believe me it's confusing for me too. To be honest I am not so much of a boardgame designer as I am just a crazy tinkerer, and this is not so much of a boardgame as it is a fictional spectacle simulated through dice rolls and coin flips that one gets to observe the results of. I think this could however serve as a nice little tool in producing sports-like narratives. So the idea I have now from here on out is to not to bother you every upcoming sunday with a bunch of headaching math like you saw here, but instead make little stories of what's going on in the matches, while perhaps presenting the rules, details and game mathematic results in a forum thread that I can link to for anyone who's curious. This has merely been an introduction to this pseudo-game of mine and it's system.

So, now I'd really like to hear what you guys think of it. Please let me know in the comments below. And have a good sunday.



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