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FEATURED COMIC --> Danse Macabre Danse Amour

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 22, 2023

There is an abandoned palace, Le Theatre Charogne, in the heart of Lapinville, a town no stranger to rabbits. The midnight bell strikes when a weary traveler searching for a place to crash decides that squatting in an abandoned theatre is preferable to sleeping on the streets. Now, preferable is not the same as safe once discovering a painting of the masquerading Danse Macabre—a mask wearing, dapper gentleman, dressed in a top hap (complete with a feather). Queue music. The evening is about to get really interesting.

This is a collaboration comic with storyboard, writing, and colours by Steadfastnomad; Lines and rendering by JCorrachComics. Full-length pages, digitally coloured with an emphasis on a monochromatic green/neon yellow/dusty rose colour palette.

Place a new vinyl on the phonograph and read Danse Macabre Danse Amour by JCorrachComics, rated T!




JCorrachComics at 1:13PM, March 24, 2023

Oh my god! Thank you so much for the feature, this was awesome to come home to! And it's really neat to see different readers takes on things too, I can see where someone would think Becca's holing up in the theatre rather than investigating it lmao I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the comments at the moment, Nomad and I will reply to them after we get a chance to read them, thank you so much for checking out our comic :D

GrapeApe at 4:18AM, March 22, 2023

Congratulations on the feature! Really beautiful work!

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