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Comic stories as written fics or novels

Andreas_Helixfinger at 12:00AM, June 9, 2024

Hi there, Ducks!

Recently I’ve been utterly immersed in writing this story that is building up to be a serial story taking place in the same setting as my comics. It is set up to be sort of a prequel to one of the comics, exploring and showcasing the subculture and some of the politics of the setting. Writing on this has helped me further envision and condense the setting’s layout which has still been a bit up in the air until now.

And it has helped me simplify certain things that were admittedly a bit overly complex and some things that now when I look at it didn’t really make much sense even in a weird setting such as mine. Stuff that will resort to mostly just some editing in the written text of my comics.

I find that it will capture most if not everything there is to know about the setting as well as present where some characters in certain comics were before or in between the events of their respective comic. I’m thinking about posting it on AO3 because even though it is for fanfiction first and foremost it does allow original works - plus that it’s going to feel like fanfiction when you read it anyway, and I’ve read on Quota that it is something that some readers out there are looking for - and it is not restrictive of content.

I don’t trust sites like Wattpad. Last time I checked that site had a shadow company attached to it that steals and sells the written works people upload over there.

I’m interested to hear if you guys have done or is currently working on a similar thing. Making written fics or novelist works on your comic stories that allows you to capture and present the elements and machinations of your fictional world in ways that are perhaps a bit more complicated to do in a visual work.

As usual, let me know in the comments below. And have a good Sunday.



PaulEberhardt at 12:08PM, June 9, 2024

I've got some half-finished novel and story drafts lying around, but only the earliest of them shared characters or setting with anything I did comics off. These days I like to keep written universes and drawn ones separate. Which is which is determined by the kind of story I want to tell and what narrative style I want to use. Also, I'm lazy. If I feel it's too much of an effort to draw as a comic it'll be a novella. I haven't been getting anything done anyway, lately, so I'm trying not to add to the pile.

UnderTheBlackHat at 7:15AM, June 9, 2024

We (okay, the writer) created a pretty good backstory of sorts for our world. Even though we're very much a carbon copy of 'The Real World', there are subtle differences, some of them have been revealed over time in the pages, while others may never come out, but they are there to assist us in the look and feel of the world we're creating. While we've not got it all written as a publishable story, parts of it that are (more or less) written out, have appeared in one form or another in our comic (such as the 'history' of The Black Islands), which is parsed out across multiple issues of our story. If you have something written that takes place in your world, and has a connection to your comics, then it's not really a 'fan fic' so much as simply another part of the overall story right? Before we get crazy, there is a horridly circular discussion about the creator creating a 'fan' story of their own work and we're not going there right now. It's your world friend, play in it!

dpat57 at 1:43AM, June 9, 2024

You get to decide if it's fanfic or not because you're the author of the prose *and* the original comic, but if identical characters and events appear in both and there's obvious crossovers, maybe the fanfic becomes canon and no one can say otherwise. I've written a few prose short stories and novelettes inspired by a couple of my comics, one is a straightforward adaptation (I had plenty of notes to work with, so why not?) and the other takes place before the comics, so are unique prequels. It's fun to write in a different way, with a different mindset. I uploaded them to Amazon -- the publisher who never rejects a story!

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