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Quackcast 687 - ...a very special episode

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 14, 2024

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This isn't really a special episode! It's a Quackcast about them. Not PSA episodes though. Our topic was inspired by those weird special non-sequitur episodes in anime and manga like the famous bikini episode where all the characters head off to the beach, water park, hot springs or something and get into their bathing suits. It doesn't usually forward the story too much, if at all, but it's a chance to have fun with the characters, outline and explore any underlying love themes, and show off skin.

There are other kinds of special episodes like the festival ones, Christmas etc. In American stuff Christmas and thanksgiving are popular for that, also new years. And this is reflected in comics too! On Drunk Duck we have our Secret Santa tradition where we do special Christmas art for people but we also often incorporate that into our comics. Probably the most import special episode art we do though involves our annual comic awards! At the moment people are already submitting art for the red carpet intros.

On this subject, one of our own DDers was a part of one of the most famous of these things ever: the Star Wars Holiday special. He actually helped introduce the world to Bobba Fet via the animation work he did on that project. That was the first the world ever saw of Bobba Fet, so specials are good for something afterall!

Do you like non-sequitur episodes centred around special events and things? (they're not always non-sequiturs). How about the infamous beach bikini episodes? Love ‘em or loathe ’em?

This week Gunwallace made up a theme inspired by The Magpie - Such weight! This electronic piece weighs down heavily with the super powered gravity of a neutron star, crushing down with the mass of its brilliance and beauty.

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PaulEberhardt at 2:42AM, May 15, 2024

Got an idea: what if we declared this years' Secret Santa Southern-hemisphere-themed? That'd be two birds with one stone: Christmas and bikinis in one. ;)

PaulEberhardt at 2:40AM, May 15, 2024

@Ozoneocean: Oh, I've done all of that in my own comic, too, and had fun doing so. All I'm saying is I'd like to be more selective in the future and only do holiday specials if I think I've got a really great idea.

Ozoneocean at 8:49PM, May 14, 2024

@Usedbooks- that's a very clever usage!

usedbooks at 6:07PM, May 14, 2024

I have something planned for Used Books just before the climax stories. Most of my favorite shows had a pre-climax tension breaker. It's good for pacing, imo. If done well, it can be good to recap the nature of the characters, remind readers/viewers why they like them. That can put the climax of the story into different light too, emphasize and contrasted to the penultimate "leisure" episode.

Ozoneocean at 6:07PM, May 14, 2024

@PaulEberhardt - Christmas episodes can be weird, and American TV has those plus Thanksgiving, Halloween and even the 4th of July sometimes... sometimes more! The Halloween ones can be really interesting. I'm not averse to adding that to my comics.

Ozoneocean at 6:00PM, May 14, 2024

@plymayer - haha! you're doing things correctly!

Ozoneocean at 5:59PM, May 14, 2024

@Marcorossi - Oh they can be horrible! But sometimes they overturn convention and make it fun.

PaulEberhardt at 1:09PM, May 14, 2024

I like the general idea of creators having a bit of fun by showing their characters in different contexts, like at the beach. It's part of experimenting and shows, especially bikini specials do that, a certain playfulness, which I always appreciate a lot. As long as the specials really remain special I don't see what's not to like about them. I've come to be less keen on Christmas specials and such, though, as it kind of fixes a time in the year when you actually want to read or watch them, and within the confines of just one single month of December, there's only so much you can read or watch or, come to that, take in before it all starts to suck. After all, none of it will be gone but taken out again the next year.

plymayer at 4:18AM, May 14, 2024

Dang. I missed the point. Put on a bathing costume to read this article.

marcorossi at 1:03AM, May 14, 2024

The onsen episodes where the guys and the gals are bathing in two different rooms, but the guys can hear the gals chatting and this is an excuse to show the gals naked (but with the important parts covered)! I must say that I generally hate this stuff. I understand that, in a long serie, it makes sense to get away a bit from the main narrative to see a bit more of the normal life of the charachters, but often these episodes are just fillers.

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