Episode 630 - Entitled

Apr 10, 2023

The Quackcast this week is about entitled bossy Karens. In fact it was originally going to BE “the Karencast” but the whole “Karen” thing is a bit sexist and pejorative. So why a Quackcast on overly entitled people then? Well aside from we stealing it from Tantz's newspost on Friday, those kinds of people make great minor villain characters. They can be comic relief baddies but they can also be deceptively dangerous when they really DO have connections to back up their arrogance!

Topics and Show Notes

We also talk about how human nature is often like a fractal, in that these patterns repeat at all sorts of different scales. In the case of the entitled you can see this in children's behavior, adults, corporations, and even entire countries. Tantz has an extensive background is psychology so she thinks a lot about this stuff! It was a good talk. If you're a Patron of ours, on this week's video we talk about the upcoming 2023 DD Awards and the new DD Anthology, and also a bonus minnie-Quackcast where we talk about the tragedy of comedians becoming serious actors, The Eternals and Dr Strange 2.

This week Gunwallace was too sick to do a Quackcast so I picked an old fave: the theme to Customer Service - slow, steady, cool. Dim the lights and slow dance to this gro0ve. Black satin sheets, sophistication, late night, let those clothes slip to the floor and get a little skin to skin contact.

Topics and shownotes


Taken from Tantz's Newspost - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2023/apr/07/a-sense-of-entitlement/

Featured comic:
Night Lights and Dark Places - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/news/2023/apr/04/featured-comic-night-lights-and-dark-places/

Featured music:
Customer Service - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/Customer_Service/ - by Synwells, rated T.

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace - http://www.virtuallycomics.com
Ozoneocean - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/ozoneocean
Kawaiidaigakusei - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/kawaiidaigakusei
Banes - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/banes
Tantz Aerine - https://www.theduckwebcomics.com/user/Tantz_Aerine/

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