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Hi. I'm JediAnn Solo!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my hobbies. I put a lot of love into them.


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It's a huge, multi-genre, multi-universe anthro fancomic! The story is set in a city called Talfryn, which attracts people from all over with its too-good-to-be-true peace and tranquility. But a lot can change in the span of a week, as a humble detective is about to find out. Rated T+ for graphic violence, themes and destroying favorite characters from your childhood.
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  • last: July 15 2011 |
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CANCELLED COMIC. THE END, NO MORE. Ath-a-late is an avatar that came to the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum. After many INSIDE JOKES and DISASTERS on her behalf, she decides to go forum hopping. It's like theater hopping, but legal.

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A silent fairytale about a young princess and another, rather larger individual.

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First 3 Years of AGENCY

A slideshow with various positive comments I’ve received about my fancomic from readers. Thank you all so much


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