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Well, heres my shameless vanity page. =3
I draw Pictures sometimes, and I might actually get some pages of Temporal Paradox up soon…Im also doing the art for Inconsistent Illusions as of Page 11. :3. I made that crappy thumbnail, there - the christmassy one, that is…it cant seem to make up its mind on which one it wants to be on any given day. ^-^

I dont really talk much but, depending on the subject, I have the capacity to ramble on for ages without pause…I just believe in using less words to say more things (even if I dont actually do it), if that makes sense to anyone other than myself.
It basically boils down to me being quiet and reserved in real life (never understood that term…isnt the internet real, too?) and…well…quiet and reserved online, too. Unless its MSN.

I take commissions, too, because I cant be bothered to get a Saturday job at Starbucks or something…the moneys not bad for a 16 year-old. =D

Dragon is the object of my eternal affections. 3
I gave her Mad Cow Disease for her birthday. Im not kidding.
Im a coffee-whore…my average is 3-4 a day, and Im also a grammar-nazi, even though Im being hypocritical as regards this profile and my forum posts. Blah.
Blatantly horrible spelling and grammar tend to incur my terrible British high-horse-straddling wrath.

I look like a hippie…I probably am, too, considering that Alice in Chains and the Rolling Stones are my two favourite bands.


Time for a list.

Peter is…
- A guy. I swear.
- 16.
- The proud owner of a large pile of plush toys. :3
- So totally in love with Dragon. *cutesy terms of endearment* 3.
- A shameless slacker. Gwahhhhh.
- The owner of a sexy accent, apparently. :3
- All out of pointless witticisms.
- :3

Em ess en:
Bank PIN: Holy fuck!

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lol paly pokkamans nd maek sprit comcis lol
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A string of seemingly random murders, a PI who manages to be only sort-of cliche, and a city that promised to be El Dorado but
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Low self-esteem? Feeling down on your luck? Never fear, Average Joe, for soon you too (yes, YOU!) could be the proud owner of a Schrödinger Ltd. Temporal Paradox. Results may vary. Do not attempt to eat.
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DarkChibiShadow at 8:35PM, April 18, 2008

Oh hey there, awesome one.

Lord Shplane at 3:30PM, Feb. 22, 2008


crocty at 9:10AM, Feb. 3, 2008

I'll take that as a no?

crocty at 9:07AM, Feb. 3, 2008

Wanna see some furrys? :3

mishi_hime at 11:11PM, Feb. 2, 2008

<3 Brittish accent <3

Dragonizer at 7:00PM, Jan. 28, 2008

Belated first comment. <3

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