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…Im hungry, I dont know why.

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Basically, just some things I created. Will include sprite sheets.

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Brought to you by the FOX network, it's Feeling Rushed!! Starring Sonimy and Shadow.

Even 7 years after his father's death, Randy Miller has had a pretty tough life. Now, teaming up with his old friend Randy sets out to change the world forever with his new invention- a self aware robot. The only problem is his robot is... "different".

This is the story of May, an up and coming pokemon trainer. She's a klutz Sometimes, but that doesn't stop her from going on a quest! Will she ever become pokemon master? Or is she destined for a life that amounts to nothing? Find out in Pink Sapphire!

The story of two fellows who are destined to blow up the ocean or die trying.

This is a Pokemon comic and just before you groan this is one you've never seen before. This will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Takes place in Hoenn and branches out along the series. So sit back and enjoy Pokemon Amethyst n-n!

Ben Benson was a slacker comic illustrator until one fateful day when the God of the Dead Anubis gave him the power to turn into a zombie at will. Now he's a slacker superhero bringing the villains of the polluted city of St. Fredericks to justice!


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Princess_Eevee9 at 2:36PM, Dec. 8, 2009

:D New Brendan looking good thanks Spartan!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 2:35PM, Dec. 8, 2009

The comp broke itself>.> so yea bnow I'm really going to get a new one

megagregar98 at 8:24AM, Dec. 4, 2009

Are you still there?

Princess_Eevee9 at 12:20AM, July 21, 2009

Hi Spartan=D!

Princess_Eevee9 at 11:11AM, June 5, 2009

Where's are you don't chat anymore=(!

Princess_Eevee9 at 3:03PM, May 6, 2009

Hey can you give me the base sprites you used for Snow&Big J and any other sprites you for characters I have all plotholes filling themselves up=D!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 10:55AM, April 5, 2009

Hey are you on I want you to preview my page before I post it online!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 2:41PM, April 4, 2009

Canalive City Name change and new sprite=o!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 4:18AM, April 4, 2009

Oh I think maybe I shuld copy and paste the head and bodies n the sprites and just color in the rest you combine sprites do you remember which sprites you used?

Princess_Eevee9 at 7:21PM, April 3, 2009

Hey thanks what is Big J's based off Givonnai and Snow's ahead is frm Gardenia and her bdy frm Picknicker frm Fr/Lg R/S/E?

Princess_Eevee9 at 7:03PM, April 3, 2009

Can you tell me what base sprites you used for Snow& Big J then& I really sure if I can make a comic on my piece of crap/junk laptop then you can make sprites but if you don't want to I can really beg you too!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 6:40PM, April 3, 2009

In the Solaceon Ruins; do you have more SNow and Big J sprites I can flip them around so I can make more standing sprites but I can't make walking or running sprites!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 6:12AM, April 3, 2009

Heya there don't miss me updating all weekend and if you have morew Snow&Big J sprites I can use them I could repicate them but they;ll turn out looking like crap!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 8:57AM, March 17, 2009

Only 5more days til it comes out n-n(so excited)!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 5:26PM, March 13, 2009

Of course have it per-orderd!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 6:46PM, March 7, 2009

Nope I hate the XBox and everything linked to it accept the occasionally good game that Nintendo couldn't get it for the Wii!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 5:47AM, March 7, 2009

That sucks cause I play Brawl a lot and I only keep the XBOX 360 for playing certain games!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 12:33PM, March 6, 2009

Hey you and kyle have yet to Brawl me=. 2921-8748-2604 is my Bawl code yours?

kakarotto63 at 6:40PM, Feb. 28, 2009

u didn't rate, what wud u say my cover's rating wud be?

kakarotto63 at 6:32PM, Feb. 28, 2009

thnx for da add! anyway, u wont rate bad because bleak is a recolor will u? 2 guys use a recolor of sonic called bolt...

Princess_Eevee9 at 7:16AM, Feb. 25, 2009

On the idea yep still wish I could makeover Olivia Brendan's sprites to make them look original since they're not really the real ones from Hoenn!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 4:05PM, Feb. 24, 2009

So do I I'm like Ash I loved having PIkachu following me around!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 3:44PM, Feb. 24, 2009


Princess_Eevee9 at 3:32PM, Feb. 24, 2009

Yes also if you can't find Female Cool Trainers with Surfing and Running and Poke-Ball throwing sprites then you can just recolor the May sprites that way; for contests there's a special surprise in every contest!!

Princess_Eevee9 at 2:40PM, Feb. 24, 2009

Heya Josh can I suggestion a little alterations to Olivia's sprite may I went overboard on the Kimono and I should make her look like a Ace Trainer with the Jacket being Blue and the Pants purple(hope they match) and an Violet ribbon just so that she has running sprites and can throw a Poke-Ball=D and is there any specify Town you want Josky to reappear in(the earlier ones) sorry for this huge favor but I'd really appreciated it^_^!!!

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