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Hello to all who read this.

The Painter is willing to assist anyway he can.

Ask for ideas- Good Idea.

Ask to help draw/color- Bad Idea.

No Yaoi though.


Zombie Rules

1. Survive
2. Lock and Load
3. Get out of Town
4. No Dynamite
5. Double Tap
6. Cardio
7. Watch your Ammo
8. Stick together
9. Enjoy the little things
10. Melee Weapons
11. Beef Jerky
12. Water
13. Nut up or Shut up

To Be Continued…

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Comic #2. Ash and I are good pals so we are working together on this one. Prepare for 40+ vices you may come across in college. Will contain my brand of chibis, including characters introduced and to be introduced in my other comic.

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Boobs Ahoy! centers mainly around two carefree lesbian pirates out to do nothing more than sleep with as many women as possible and have a good time. Pirates, Lesbian, Yuri, Nerdy Humor.

It's a fantasy comic loaded with unashamed homages to my favorite horror movies, featuring a colorful cast of characters, and for some of them I mean that literally. The cast is mostly non-human, both mythological creatures from folklore and original creatures. A lot of friendship and found family, and a few rampages of revenge.

Random adventures of three dangerous teens.

While rustling through her attic one day, April discovers a box from 2,000 BC that contains a secret that changes her life forever... Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (For now)

A comic about pirates. Really inept pirates. There are a few sane minds aboard, but they do tend to get drowned out. This often leads to Adventures of the Hilarious sort.

An American teacher in Japan finds romance and wacky misadventures when he gets engaged to a gothy mob princess. We have Time Monkeys.

The adventures of Pilli a normal girl and her ex-boyfriend who is now a calavera doll

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)

Marylin has a fun job, and her job is Death. Follow her as she goes and makes a name for herself, wielding her cruel scissors of Death. Who can stand in the way of this murderous princess of Death?

While at camp Jimmy, was magically transformed into a 16 year old girl. See how a 12 year old boy deals with being in a 16 year old girl's body. This is a community project from 'The Wotch' forums. Let us know if you'd like to join.

When the war between retail chains got too intense, he wanted out. However, in a world where cashiers carry lightsabers and department managers have battle mechs, quitting is easier said than done. This is the record of his final two weeks.

Strange things have started happening in the local cemetery since Fernando Fritz rose from his grave... could this zombie be the cause of all the weirdness, or does it just follow him? Updates every 13th of the month!

The story of two disfunctional brothers, and their friends, as they become submerged in a world of monsters and demons after the eldest of the two turns out to be a portal to hell.


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