Without moonlight REview page six

Genejoke on Oct. 3, 2012

And so we're done, this almost ended up being seven pages but my recent return to work has limited my time a little, and it would have been a little drawn out as well.  So we have a slightly abrupt ending but i think all the key points have been covered.  Somethign seems lacking though, maybe it's the lack of a jokey punchline… dunno.  My closing line seems to lack a little something but Eschuteons line summed things up so well, perhaps i should have closed with that.  sigh.

Anyway, link time.

The comic under the knife has been Without moonlight and it can be found here, go on give it a look.

STavlov appears from BASO and there is a picture link down to the left.

Angie appears from Deathp*rn and that also has a link down to the left.

Megi appears courtesy of Dueling heroes by Escutcheon.