usedbooks on Jan. 26, 2015

I think I captured Gibson's point of view in this version. The unabridged conversation was fun too, so here it is for anyone curious:

MEREDITH: Both the girl with the glasses and the boy with the busted hand are highly expendable.
GIBSON: That means?
MEREDITH: If you have the chance – after securing the journals – get rid of them. Discretely. The boy is a stupid sort of fearless, and the girl plays mind games. Don't fall for anything they pull. Any questions?
GIBSON: I have one. What is the commission for those two?
MEREDITH: Gibson, this is not a contract. It's an opportunity, presented by our current assignment, to eliminate a nuisance.
GIBSON: I don't go for that. Like is valuable, and I won't end it without due commission.
CASS: Jesus, Gibson! You are such a tight-ass!
GIBSON: I've been at this longer than you've existed. It's economic suicide for an assassin to end someone without a paycheck. You wouldn't set fire to a hundred dollar bill, but you expect us to burn dozens of them!
MEREDITH: Do you think Jack's boys complain when they have to kill someone during a mission?
GIBSON: Jack's boys aren't paid in blood. Every person they kill removes a potential paycheck for *me.*
MEREDITH: Fine. How much would you say they are worth?
GIBSON: I heard the word ‘nuisance,’ so I'd estimate at least a grand.
MEREDITH: You're out of your mind! No one would pay a G for those brats! They're not even armed. It's a miracle they haven't died in an accident.
GIBSON: A miracle? Divine protection. Sounds like we're talking fifteen hundred.
MEREDITH: Forget it. Just… just do your job.
GIBSON: I always do my job.

ghostrunner, plymayer, & Barry: Thanks!

Peipei: Too bad not all dogs are guard dogs/watch dogs. On the other hand, if he was, he might have gotten shot. -_-