usedbooks on Dec. 15, 2010

I was going to draw a long karate match with karate moves and stuff, but I decided to do these cute acrobatics and then get on with the story. Besides, I'm not particularly confident in my ability to draw fighting (especially martial arts). It was challenging enough to draw a “crowd.” ^_^; (If this becomes a movie/series, we'll have the animators include a proper fight scene.)

Sorry to leave it mid-chapter, but I'm taking the next couple weeks to regroup, build buffer, and spend time with my own family (which is wonderful but semi-crazy at this time of year). Regular updates will resume in January with the exciting chapter climax and conclusion.

ghostrunner: :D

Peipei: He's been waiting for it all day. ;)

Tantz: Yeah. He has a grating personality. You just want to shut him up.

Canuovea: Definitely would be something. o_0 It's no-holds-barred around here. One of my drafts included Yuki's brothers holding nasty injuries (a badly bruised shoulder and a swollen twisted ankle), but I decided to take a less serious approach.