usedbooks on Sept. 27, 2012

Thank you for being patient with me. ^_^; I worked a long time on this dialogue. This entire scene was tricky. :P There are four pages left (after this one) in this chapter.

Replies to last Thursday:

plymayer: Hmmm… Bacon or longevity? That is a REALLY tough choice!

crazy_goodfellow: Even Boo Berries?

Peipei: Well, he was making HIMSELF breakfast, but I suppose it's nice of him to share. ;)

Anubis: The panel angles did work out nicely. I hadn't intended on Kaida to be in the buff, but she ran out of dry clothes.

roycemarie: Fudo puts everyone through crazy emotional spins. Kaida should kick his butt.

Tantz: Thanks!