usedbooks on Jan. 15, 2013

I asked myself, “What school mascot would be easy to draw on the back of a letter jacket?” And that's how Eric became an alumnus of Highlawn High, home of the fighting tigers. ;) This was scripted as two pages, but I am getting pretty good at fitting in more lines per page (definitely important for these calm conversation-heavy scenes).

The last page of this arc will be up Thursday. I have already assembled a book, and I'm waiting on the printing right now. ^_^ (It will contain pages 848 to 1051.)

plymayer: Thanks!

Peipei: They were dating a short time ago. He is more of a stalker than anything. Unfortunately, stalkers always know where to find you.

crazy_goodfellow: He is a little concerned about “the boss” who was making threats.

Anubis: Definitely not pleasant for either of them. :P