usedbooks on April 23, 2013

This is the last page of the chapter. Sorry it's rather unfulfilling. We will get back to this case eventually. (I've been working on scripting, and there are some more satisfying arc conclusions in the future. ;) )
I have to go on hiatus for a couple weeks. I will be relocating for a new job in North Carolina starting in May, and it makes more sense to go on hiatus now than to start the next chapter and then pause a few pages in. I have some filler for you and will be online. I just won't have time to keep up with the art. Thanks for your patience. The next chapter stars Mike!

plymayer & skreem: Thanks!

Anubis: Alas, nothing to analyze – but there are more hints.

Peipei: Indeed.

ghostrunner: Ew. This blood is expired. At least it was on sale.

roycemarie: Tara was a background character who moved up to side character. (She's been making occasional appearances since Chapter 12.)