usedbooks on Aug. 6, 2013

I nailed the expressions on this page! ^_^ Seriously, Brad looks so sad that I wanted to hug him the entire time I was trying to color this. I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull off panel 2 or 3, but I completely surprised myself. With panel 2, I experimented with colors a bit to get a surreal “whispered” memory to the words, and panel 3 somehow came out right with no effort at all. (Stepping backward is one of the notes in my script that makes “artist Vickie” scream at “writer Vickie” – “How do you draw that as a static image?!” )
Anyway, I am generally happy with this page. Go figure.

plymayer & skreem: Thanks.

blntmaker: Yeah, the site's pretty much useless for any kind of stats or promotion now. :P But the people are nice. Pretty much no ones follows me on my own domain.

Peipei & Anubis: This is especially true if the body belonged to someone you knew. -_-

crazy_goodfellow: Haha. Sometimes. But there are other, more sinister possibilities. For example, a frame-job can't be considered a coincidence.