usedbooks on Jan. 23, 2014

Another detailed setting and tedious, time-consuming page. :P This fast food place is only on this one page for one brief interaction so why did I put so much effort into the darn thing?? I didn't specify fast food physicist's gender or appearance in my script. Just came up with a design at the last minute. That's how I roll.

plymayer: Thanks!

Anubis: True.

kawaiidaigakusei: Thank you. I love making the effects in night scenes. I have done “overhead” views before. I don't usually draw in guidelines. I mostly eyeball it, and alter my page draft until it looks right. Then I tweak everything digitally. I'm not so good at perspective, but I'm working on improving.

Peipei: Yeah, he was a bit nervous, but at least he's being forthright now. Could be worse.