usedbooks on March 6, 2014

Now we know a little more about Kaida (and Raidon). ;)

The conversation on the last couple pages was just a written fragment of script for a while (modified later). It had no position in the story or plot. I do this with important exposition/revelations, particularly if they are a bit complex. Later, I had an idea for this bombing plot. I wasn't sure where to set it or whom to include at first. But when I thought about Seiko's “mission” at the university, I put the two ideas together and turned it into an arc.

plymayer: Thanks!

Tantz: Thank you. :) Last year's arcs were really depressing to me, so I had to muddle through (they were necessary though). I'm having more fun with the current ones.

Anubis: Lol. Sounds entertaining.

Peipei: I'm known for having a good memory. I recall minor details from obscure events long ago. I thought everyone did, but people comment on it sometimes. (How do you remember that?) I always thought everyone did.