usedbooks on March 20, 2014

Just two panels this time. I needed a break from all those super busy pages. I tried to put a cameo in the background. Angie from Death P0rn by ElCid (very NSFW). I might have opportunities to make better cameos later. No other-comic cameos on the rescue team (the reason will be apparent later), but you might recognize our cherub-faced blond firefighter. He has managed to keep busy after losing the election.

And if you thought we could get through a story in Used Books without a four-legged furball, you thought wrong. Meet Tybalt, hardworking no-nonsense police officer.

Anubis: True. It's hard for them to resist.

plymayer: Thanks! I've been experimenting with the effects of colored lights.

Peipei: It definitely depends a lot on his motives/purpose and his personality too.

Tantz: Thank you.I was concerned about being able to portray the crowd/chaos of the situation. It's important for Tristan's character development. (He has social anxiety, but his focus is greater than his usual awkwardness/fears.)