usedbooks on April 9, 2014

I am internet poor at the moment and won't be able to get it at home until I settle up some unexpected bills related to relocating for work. Until then, I mostly can get evening access (while fighting mosquitoes). So, I decided to put up this page the night before the usual time instead of waiting for tomorrow night. (Sorry to say there will be only one page next week. This week was insane, and I have no buffer. Expect it some time Monday.)

Cameos on this page:

~Emella from The Devon Legacy
~Bones from Putrid Meat
~Ben and Prudence from Tales of the Unpredictable Chaos
~Angie and Carmen from /NSFW/ Death P0rn /NSFW/

I also included TJ, a background character from earlier in Used Books. Because he's a cool guy, and he's a part-time student. (Yes, my background characters are complex. Heh.)

plymayer: Thanks! Glad you like your cameo. No one else gets to be a firefighter. ;)

Anubis: If limited just to the small group that went in, there were only a couple other firefighters with Eric. That's not to say Eric isn't a suspect. (He wouldn't list himself as one either way.

Peipei: It's getting close to a confrontation now!