usedbooks on June 26, 2014

Last page of the arc! Sorry for all those words. I did my best to keep it concise. I definitely didn't want to drag it out to another page. The next story will start soon. I keep rewriting big chunks of it. (I have a lot of plot-threads and characters to manage. Four of the new ones don't have designs yet. :P)

Anubis: “Jeff” is around 7 feet tall on his wooden stand. He definitely towers over 5'2" Seiko.

plymayer: Thanks!

Peipei: You have a point there. She may be dreading but also secretly hoping to be discovered. Big secrets are a heck of a burden.

ghostrunner: Also, your stats decrease when you level up. What doesn't kill you… leaves you with chronic pain that acts up when it rains.