usedbooks on July 6, 2015

Last line used to say “king of self-control” but I love the double meaning in “restraint.” In my concepts for Valentine, he carries a bag of stalker/kidnapper gear. Originally, I pictured a sports bag or duffel bag. I started drawing this page, and that seemed a little too much like Ricky’s luggage. I had the epiphany of using a medical/first-aid bag instead.

Voting for the 2015 Drunk Duck Awards has begun! You can find the ballot here. (They are also looking for volunteers to present and judge.)

plymayer: That's why he makes the big (blood) bucks.

Anubis: Man, I hate that show. They misinformed the masses as to what scientific process is. XD

crazy_goodfellow: Thanks. I'm a geek. It rubs off on my characters.

ghostrunner: Thanks!

Peipei: Really hard to say. Thinking about the past mostly makes Kaida sad, but she could come out the other side of sad as angry and be dangerous.

tupapayon: And also people who love using the word without knowing the meaning (or staying at the rear and inciting activism in others).