usedbooks on Sept. 28, 2015

The lines in panel 3 can be read in either order. Caroline isn’t responding to the conversation but continuing her general objections. 😛

A note from real life… Yesterday was my last day of work at Petersburg National Battlefield. Currently unemployed, I plan to go back to two pages a week very soon, coinciding with the start of the next chapter. (Just one page left in this one!)

Anubis: You get knocked down…

plymayer: !

KimLuster: It's the only way crime can pay.

tupapayon: Well put.

ShirouZhiwu: Hit him a few more times, remove a limb. No one will say it wasn't self-defense.

Peipei: Could have been a high dose of a sedative or an injectable anesthetic. His orders were to immobilize her, and he has access to a number of ways.

crazy_goodfellow: Her window of opportunity is shrinking rapidly.