Used Books

usedbooks on Feb. 23, 2007

Let's get started! I started writing in in mid-January 2007. I'm going to be uploading a bunch of pages today because you should at least get to see some of the more fun stuff. I hope you enjoy! After today, I will try to do daily uploads.

A little background info… This comic was originally drawn just for sharing with my friends, but my brother talked me into scanning it and uploading it. You should know that I am a writer by heart and by practice, but this is my very first time actually drawing. I learned to draw while the comic was progressing. So there are really two stories here. One is the story of these characters. The other is “Vickie Learns to Draw.”

Please enjoy and don't be afraid to leave comments. (Keep in mind, I am a few hundred pages further in my story than what I have uploaded, so not all criticisms may be useful – or at least their usefulness may not become immediately apparent, even if they do help me a LOT with what I'm currently drawing.)