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tower of zot (NSFW)
shadowbladeXIII at 6:57PM, July 28, 2017
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*as he continued up one of his hits sank into the tower his body soon followed into the spire*

Sam: aaand he's gone again. great.

Jody: command leader are you ok?

Anita: its just a cut. I'll be fine. but pico…

???: pardon me, could I help you with that?

*The group turns around to see a nurse*

*in the spire, there is darkness something begins moving pico deeper and deeper still till he is pushed through the wall his environment is very red and organ-y. even the floor squishes.*
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picosux224 at 7:52PM, July 28, 2017
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Pico:yuck! its like stepping on a bunch of squishy puddles…and it looks like we're on our own until the others catch up with us.
DP:i suggest we deal with any unnecessary problems along the way to make it easy for the rest.
Pico:agreed.lets go…*he then walked through the hall way as he looked around he couldn't help but feel creeped out*sigh i hope Ann is ok.
Nurse:now lets see here…*her hand glowed green making Anitas scratch disappear*i was looking for a strange fox when a flash of light hit me making me appear here.*Sam and Jody looked at each other*
Anita:thank you for your assistance miss nurse but we got to figure out a way to get inside that Spire.Pico will need our help!
Sam:if he doesn't destroy everything in the Spire first..
Nurse:why not just use the front door?
Jody:….excuse me?
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shadowbladeXIII at 6:27PM, July 29, 2017
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Nurse: its right there. No need to climb or fight anything.

how do you know its not trapped.

because everything is a danger in this mind. The last person that would be expected to open the door is those that have been in it. *walks up to it and knocks* The only people who survive are those whom Doc conciders worthy so long as you are among us, you are fine.

*the door is then opened by a smiling grey hedgehog wearing a Science buds for Life with Doc and his profile on it, and a #1 dad mug in his hand*

Doc's perception of Snow: don't just stand there, come on in!

*the group does so being greeted by, of all things floor 1 of zot to an extreme details although some things do seem off and outdated*

Sam: Wow…

Jody: anyone else a tad creeped out?

rest of group: yes.

Jody: anyone curious to what we look like in Doc's eyes?

Rest of group: No!

Anita: I am!

Sam: not to interrupt this, as amusing as this is, but we are on a mission. *looks to* Do you think we can get up to the top?

Nurse: of course you can. the elevator goes up to the 6th floor after that though you will need to take stairs. After all the tower is not finished.

Anita: thank you kind lady and Snow!

Doc's Snow: Think nothing of it, just make sure to have Doc stop by and see me. its been ages since I've seen him*pushes elevator button*

(is this really how Doc thinks he acts? or how he hopes to act? wait why do I care? this is doc we are talking about.)

*back in the weird place that looks freaky*

DP: you think he would clean up some before letting us come through here.

*as they continued to move forward the heat began to increase and the room grew foggy*
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picosux224 at 6:59PM, July 29, 2017
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Pico:its hard to see the fog is too thick…crap!*thanks to Picos aura he detected a familiar energy as the person fired flames out of his hand making Pico dodge*Doc has a Demon guarding the path? that's fine with me! how about you show yoursel-urk!*the fog slowly thin out a bit showing a familiar face making Pico flinch*…Damion. ok Doc better not have looked through my file before all this.
Damion:hello Pico.
Pico:hello illusion.*without hesitation he summoned his sword.*
DP:…this is awkward.
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shadowbladeXIII at 4:28PM, July 30, 2017
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Damion: Ease your blade pico, im not here to fight. even if we did nothing would come of it.

(he might be lying)

Damion: if this body really wanted to kill you, it would have sent something like that. *points to where the mist is forming revealing what looks like clare with a few “huge changes” mainly in the chest area. Between them emerges a tiny shadow version of her nachzehrer*

rawr imma gut you!

*pushes him between her cleavage* shut the fuck up! gawd damn you are a nuisance. every time I try to get have fun, or be normal you come out and bisect something. *looks to pico* oh great your here *sighs* maybe he'll wake the fucking hell up now. *looks to damion* assmunch, lead him to the area.

you know I have-

Clare: I don't give a rat's ass! Just be lucky you exist in here at all! I don't even think he knows how you were conjured up. probably doesn't even know anything about you. Now go before my little friend emerges from a nastier place and drags your balls into a mix of pain and pleasure you will never fucking forget! *points down the hall* Now go!

Damion:…didn't have to yell…come on Pico *begins to move forward almost defeated*

DP:…I am slightly concerned what we are walking into now.

damion: that is why I guide you. any question you have now, ask it for once we arrive you are on your own among this…mess.

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picosux224 at 6:16PM, July 30, 2017
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Pico:great…*Pico followed Damion making sure not to drop his guard* (i wonder if Doc has a version of anyone else i know is in here.)i don't have any questions just take me where i need to be.
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shadowbladeXIII at 10:02AM, July 31, 2017
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Damion:very well… *the two continue waling till they come across a door.* here we are. Beyond this room lies 2 things and obstacle, and the one you seek, but be warned not many make it past “the obstacle”. if you fail I know not would happen to you. do you still wish to enter?

DP: let's just get this over with *opens door and walks in*

*the room was hotter than the previous one and the mist on the floor now had increased the air…smelled pretty good actually almost familiar eventually they came across what could pass as a very nice room room with a single circular bed laying in front of them*
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picosux224 at 4:11PM, July 31, 2017
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Pico:*Pico looked at the bed and then touched it*…
DP:whats wrong?
Pico:this room smells familiar.*he then sat on the bed*i think we should wait for the rest so i can get their input on this.
DP:very well.
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shadowbladeXIII at 10:43PM, July 31, 2017
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*back on the 6th floor of doc's imagination the elevator opens up*

Sam: so, there are supposed to be stairs here right?

look over there! *points at the stairs only to witness what looks like Zack scurrying across the floor with a boom box labeled FRANK*

am I a dog or a man? Woof! Woof!*runs off*

Jody: I uh, no comment. let's go. *goes to the stairs with everyone alongside*

*As he sat on the bed patiently, there was an odd feeling in the air. He could tell that there wasn't something right, but at the same time it wasn't bad. a feeling then ran down his spine and up his tail. It wasn't a bad feeling, but something else he hadn't felt in a while. The air continued to grow sweeter and the heat began to cool. Suddenly he was embraced by something, no someone familiar from behind. it was gentle, warm and happy. he knew this touch before. then came the voice. a voice that he was accustomed to brimming with life*

Mia: guess who? *pecks him on the cheek and nuzzles into his back with a smile on her face*

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picosux224 at 1:27AM, Aug. 1, 2017
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Pico:*Pico smiled as he placed his hand on Mias arm. but he then flinched as if something just came to him*wait…
*he then stood up and looked at Mia from head to toe*
Mia:Pico? what's wrong?
Pico:if you are really Mia tell me something about me ownly you would know.
DP:good idea.no offence Mia but we gotta be sure the last thing we need is to be tricked by an illusion.
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shadowbladeXIII at 2:51PM, Aug. 1, 2017
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Mia: I know that you are thoughtful, considerate, kind hearted and even if I wasn't real would trust you to do the right thing no matter the outcome

DP: true, but what about something more personal?

Mia: More personal? Well how about the when Zeta first awoke she considered us both her mom?
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picosux224 at 4:36PM, Aug. 1, 2017
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Pico:…*Pico blushed deeply at the memory*
DP:pfft! hahahahaha!!
Pico:ok its Mia.but why are you even here!? its too dangerous!
Mia:i thought i should check on you and-where are the others?
Pico:i uh accidentally went on ahead.*Pico rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly*
Mia:in that case we should just wait for them.
Pico:we? Mia i appreciate your concern but i don't know what i would do to Doc if you got hurt or worse.
Mia:its ok i know you'll protect me.
Pico:*the mobian sweatdropped*i love you Mia but sometimes you have too much faith in me…fine you can come with me but first here.*his hand glowed as he summoned a familiar looking pistol and gave it to her*
Mia:thank you Pico but i don't know how to use it.
Pico:its not that hard just point at your target keep a steady breathing pattern and fire.*crack…* *the 2 heard a door open and suddenly*
Anita:Pico! *gasps* Mia! what are you doing inside Docs head?
Pico:Anita? wheres the-
Sam:so…much..stairs.*Pico blinked in confusion as Sam and Jody walked through the door*

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shadowbladeXIII at 8:52PM, Aug. 1, 2017
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Sam:wait, how did you get here and who's operating the machine?

Jody: and why does it smell so good in here?

Mia: Well, I gave instructions to zeta on how to regulate things while I try to reach you as for how…Its complicated to explain. Anyway, I think we are all here now…wherever here is.

Anita: so, where do we go from here?*looks around* hey look a door!

DP: we already entered from there.

Anita: well what if it changed? what if it leads to something else?

*the others look at each other and back to her*
Jody: yeha…um the last door we took had stairs. and the ones before that *shudder* who knows what this one has.
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picosux224 at 10:50PM, Aug. 1, 2017
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Pico:oh come-on it can't be that bad.besides its worth a shot right?
Mia:i don't know Pico…*Pico put his hand on the door nob and as he twisted it-*
Pico:what's the worse that could happen?*he then open it making a flash of light hit him and made him vanish*
Anita:see? i told you!
Pico:*the red fox looked around as he had a rough landing since he landed face first. he looked around and could see dark cloudy skies and a straight pathway*guys! i-i can sense Doc up ahead! go through the door.
Mia:uh ok!*as Mia went through the door Pico caught Mia bridal style.*
Pico:just dropping by?
Mia:very funny…
Anita:adronamo!*Pico quickly put Mia down and caught Anita*
Pico:watch your step Ann.
Anita:thankyou Pico.*as he put Anita down he was about to catch Sam but…*
Sam:crap!*poof!* *Sam landed next to Pico*ow…
Pico:uh my bad…
Jody:look out below!*Jody landed ontop of Sam*
Pico:today just isn't your day huh?
Sam:s-shutup…*Pico went wide-eyed as he even caught the nurse from earlier*
Pico:uh hi ma'am…
Nurse:mr.Fox! you are ok after all!*Pico looked at Jody with a raised eyebrow*
Jody:she helped us and wanted to come too.
Pico:oh..well then welcome aboard i guess.
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shadowbladeXIII at 6:02PM, Aug. 2, 2017
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*the group continued on down as the the path began to narrow into a grotesque hallway as they moved forward the air pressure grew dense and the ground they tread began to get more and more difficult. Things begin to spring in and out of vision. Hallucinations perhaps? or machinations of the twisted flesh inside its maker? this close to the destination it grows harder and harder to tell*

Anita: I don't like this…

Sam: Hey uh pico? H-how close are we? Cause if we are this close, then he's here r-right among us, right? Right?!

Nurse: If he were here, it would be much more dense. Mr. Fox, we are on the right path though, are we not?
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picosux224 at 7:36PM, Aug. 2, 2017
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*Pico stopped walking and put his arm out as it glowed*
Pico:we're close! follow me!*he then ran to his right making the rest follow until*ugh!*Pico stopped moving as he felt heavy*
Mia:Pico what's wrong?
Pico:we're close.very close…
DP:yep that creepy vibe definitely means his here but where?*suddenly dark energy appeared in front of them and took the shape of Doc*
Anita:Doc!*Anita was about to run to him but Pico took out his sword and put it infront of her making Anita stop*it is him right Pico?
Pico:its him alright but we don't know if he'll be hostile or not.*Doc turned his head and smirked at Pico*
Doc:ha…hahahahaha!!!! hello friends…*tentacles escaped his body but Pico slashed them as he backed away from the group. but another tentacle appeared and slashed his right arm tearing off the sleeve showing Picos tattoo seal*
Pico:Jody what was the plan!?
Jody:*Jody frantically looked through her bag*uh distract him! i'll get what we need*
Pico:Doc! snap out of it!!
Doc:what are you talking about? im quite sane right now.*as dark energy gathered around Docs hand- * *pew! Mia shot Docs shoulder making him smile sadistically at Mia before he extended his arm and scratch her shoulder*
Sam:everyone surround him!
Doc:what fun!*nearby shadows extend and took form of most of the group attacking them and making them scatter from each other*
Anita:Doc! please stop!!
???:you fool his to far gone you can't save him*the shadow version of Anita almost attacked her but Mia shot it in the head making it vanish*
*Doc fired dark energy at Pico making him stumble across the ground*owowowowow!!!*he then got up covered in bruises*
Doc:you are a fool Pico always making 1 mistake after another always trying to play hero when you are just the higher ups play thing a mere tool in the heart of it all.*he then made shadow tendrils escape his body aiming at Anita*
*Pico said nothing as he blocked the tendrils with his sword and clenched the handle*i know i made mistakes but i always grow from my mistakes!!*his aura grew and changed from light blue to a dark red*
Pico:but i made a promise to Rose!! i won't even let you hurt her!…Anita if i get out of line i would need you and Mia just incase.
Mia:what are you-
Pico:demonic enchantment level 5….seal release!!!*as Picos tattoo vanish his aura expanded towards the sky.
Pico/DP:hahahahaha!!! this is going to be fun old man.*he then slashed making the sword shoot dark energy. but a forcefield appeared around the mad scientist*
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shadowbladeXIII at 6:28PM, Aug. 3, 2017
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*the two continued for what seemed like a good bit each getting in shots but never anything lethal till a voice rang out one that instilled a chill to all*

???: that's enough.

*the now still beast that Doc had become shattered like a rock breaking glass fragments now lying on the floor. the room walls once vibrant and roaring red cooled into a dark dying blackish and began to pull away leaving a empty void. The floor soon following and becoming dry and dull, yet still remained. A figure could be seem slowly moving in the distance. As he came closer his form was apparent. he looked dead. No, dead was a nice word and a wish, this looked mutilated and wore an expression of suffering. as he made it to the group he tapped the floor and a small set of stairs rose leading to a door.*

???:Flawed, all of you…

Anita: Doc?

Doc?: Not once did any of you truly consider the danger you were in, even worse you didn't use anything or consider possibilities. *points to Sam* You. You have a legacy of luck and stories of war told to you and you did not use try to tap into that fortune or try something new. *looks to jody* I do not know much of you, but you look creative and not once tried to use your imagination to summon something from a gun to a feather.*looks to mia* you couldn't even do as I asked and acted like an obstacle to him to get to me. *looks to pico* and you…

DP: We've heard enough*rushes in*

Doc?: fall.*as soon as word was spoke Pico fell he walked up to him* too much passion. That monster could have killed you and worse, along with the others without you even knowing. You let your heart make all the decisions and your mind sit back and recline. I will give you this it was unexpected. Things are unexpected are very useful in combat. perhaps I do not give you enough credit. *thinks for a moment*…just don't let power go to your head.

Anita: Doc, O-over here!

Doc?: even worse, you let her in here.*looks to the nurse* I am sorry you are down here and had to see this and gaze upon this face. You can go back to him once they are healed.

Nurse: understood.*bows and gets to the healing*

Doc?: Now then, Whom do I have to punish for forcing a child to witness this wrenched body?

Anita: Doc! Enough! I chose to come here…myself. We all came here. Why aren't you talking to me? why address everyone else? Why are you acting like this?!

Doc?: *looks to Anita*…An interesting question. *turns away and walks up the stairs the door then opens* follow if you wish. It will not fight you anymore. It will not try and harm you or scar you for life. There is no need after all. If you have questions, go to the end where they will be addressed. I will be there shortly*turns into dust and is carried inside by an unknown breeze*

*for what felt like an eternity there was silence the group looked back and forth for a time*

Sam: W-what just happened? what did we just witness? *looks to Pico hoping for an answer*
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picosux224 at 6:51PM, Aug. 3, 2017
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*Pico stood up as he reverted back to normal.he looked at the ground showing nothing but anger*
Pico:GWAH!*smack! Pico punched the ground.leaving a dent to the ground*that sadistic smartass know it all!.
Sam:(nevermind then..)
Mia:Pico calm down.
Pico:why should i!? he attacked us and almost killed Anita!! even after all we done he even bad mouth us!
Mia:Pico now is not the time for that.*she then gestured towards Anita who was looking down*
Pico:Ann i-…sigh fine im calm now but you better believe this is the last time im gonna help that psychotic monster…lets go we got a mad scientest to wake-up.*they then walked through the door*
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shadowbladeXIII at 10:26PM, Aug. 3, 2017
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*The room was bland the walls looked like that of a home however all that filled them was emptiness*

Jody: you think he would hire someone to take some color to this place.

Sam: last time there was some color, he almost killed us.

Mia: guys, come on we are almost there.

*eventually they reached another door through it was a comfy chair and a low light sitting there resides the figure*

Doc?: you actually came. im surprised. You must really want to wake him badly. Very well here's how this will go. you want this body so badly then convince me. Convince me why this anomaly should be returned to spit in the face of laws set by the universe. After I've heard each your pieces I will make a conclusion.

Sam:that's it? just like that?

Doc?: of course. I presume time is of the essence for you. so go ahead. *Motions*

Jody: We're in a war currently, there are people dying out there and a mad german loony trying to play god.

Sam: you are a mind above others and, as scary as it is to say probably the second best thing we have seeing how the boss is still MIA…

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picosux224 at 11:32PM, Aug. 3, 2017
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Pico:…you have people that care about you.*he then point at Anita*not to mention your experiments although unorthodox are very essential to Zot.
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shadowbladeXIII at 7:37AM, Aug. 4, 2017
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Mia: as odd is it sounds a lot of people want to break the mold as you have, you have just as much fear as you have respect out there.


Doc?: well if that is everything I will now consider.*pauses* hmmm no.

Group: No?!

Doc?: no.

Sam: but why?

Doc?: all the problems have easy solutions and be solved by time. there would be no reason to intervene.

Mia: but what about the projects you left undone? what about being undermined by someone who claims he's smarter than you. what about getting to see the people you care for grow?

*the room begins to stir then settles*

Doc?: I think I can be content with leaving it to others.

Sam: well what about getting to do wild things with no consequences on an hourly basis. what about having fun with those that you mess with.

*once again the room stirs almost as if alive then returns to stillness*

Doc?: I…can simply do things here and get away with so much more. infinite versions of all of you with infinite possibilities. *points to pico* I even have a version of him with a big head running about. Just the concept is hilarious.

Anita: Stop it!*moves up to him*

Doc?: beg your pardon?

Just stop it right now!*slaps him as hard as possible* this isn't you*starts to shake him with tears in her eyes* Its not you! I don't know why you're acting like this, but its hurting me! *gestures* its hurting them! You made an impact on us, you save lives, you make great changes, you…you *tries to fight through the sobbing and snot* why can't you see?
W-wwhy? its not you! its not you. *slumps onto him and cries*

…*watches her cry and as she does his expression changes from that of suffering to that of somber. he begins to pat anita on the head* Im sorry I hurt you. Honestly, I do not know what to say. *hands her a tissue*

*sniffs* say you'll come back. *blows her nose* Say you'll be there to throw me the most awesomest birthday party ever. Say that you'll do something wacky everyday and teach me something new.

I don't know if I can do that…*looks to her then the group* Pico, If I am to come back, will you come to her birthday party?
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picosux224 at 11:16AM, Aug. 4, 2017
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Pico:(i promised her anyway but…),,,you have my word.
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shadowbladeXIII at 3:14PM, Aug. 4, 2017
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Doc?: very well. *with that the figure turned to dust his face went from somber to smiling. once again the room began to shake color returned to the room for no reason at all flowers spurt up and a fountain with running water everything has a relaxing air to it now a voice then booms*

Doc: I apologize. I truly do. but when you have an outlook like mine, after so much has happened its hard to get out of something. Im glad you all came here. I really am that being said im going to awaken soon. So before I see you on the other side just know I wish to talk with a few with you about somethings. If there is anything else you need to say before then please say it. I am listening.

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Anita:*Anita started to tear up*thank you Doc.*Pico put his arm on her shoulder*
Pico:come on kiddo lets wake-up so you can hug Doc for real.plus you gotta tell me what do you want for your birthday.
Anita:r-right.*a few seconds later Pico Mia and Anita began to sture as they woke up*
Pico:*Pico went wide-eyed as he saw Mias arms were wrapped around him before hand*ok so you were in Docs mind.*everyone else began to wake-up slowly*
Zeta:everyone is at 100% and completed there mission Morphblade.
Jill:Pico!*Jill ran and hugged him*are you ok?*Pico simply laughed as he hugged her back.he then had a serious look as he saw Doc crack his stiff neck*
Pico:ok Doc what do you got to say?*it was clear from Picos expression that he was still angry at the doctor for what he put everyone through but he held back for the girls sake*
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*brings pico to the side away from eyes and ears*

Doc: Pico, I know you don't like me. I get that, you've never seemed fond of me and your eyes tell me like many others you feel im behind some of your misery. I judge you probably harder than anyone else and yet,still you go into my head to return me from being stuck even further in. I can not lie that is admirable. Its not easy for me to say this at all, but im sorry for all the hastle I've caused you and thank you for taking the time to care about something like me that didn't end with thoughts of vengeance.

*over in the other room*

Mia: so Zeta how are things in the tower?

Zeta: well, after you went to check on pico, there was the dealing with the blood dragon outside in the hall, There are other things that have been going on, however I do not have clearance at this time.

Mia: wait, blood dragon?

*nods* it was active and attacked while you were all in Doc.

is it gone?

Zeta: I believe so.
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picosux224 at 8:59PM, Aug. 4, 2017
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Pico:no problem Doc…*he then smiled as he put his hand out making Doc look at it before he shook the hand.they then walked out of the room*
Bio:(testing. testing. can you hear me now?)
Pico:(loud and clear.whats up?)
Bio:(what you did back there was dangerous)
Pico:(yep)*he then smiled widely as he thought about Anitas birthday*hey Jill and Zeta i need to talk to you for a minute.*he then walked to where he and Doc talked*
Jill:whats up Pico?
Pico:do you 2 want to goto a awesome little girls birthday party?
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shadowbladeXIII at 12:42PM, Aug. 5, 2017
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Zeta: if it is the little fox child, then sure father. Of course it will have to wait till after the war is done.

Jill:eh, I don't think her party would suit me.

*on the otherside of the room*

OK IM UP! I need as much info as we can muster. Bring me reports to read, from everywhere and then we will move on. If anyone needs me, I'll be talking with MB.
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picosux224 at 4:30PM, Aug. 5, 2017
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Pico:well if you say so sis.*they then walked back to the others*im gonna headback to my apartment i need to…fix something.
Jody:thanks for the help.
*Pico then picked up Mias machine.he Mia Jill and Zeta walked home.*
Mia:are you sure you should be carrying that?
Pico:it's a bit heavy but i can manage.*they then walked inside and Pico placed the machine down sighed before laying down on the couch*that was mentally exhausting…i need a break from all this.*he then tiredly close his eyes*

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Mia:*sighs and tries to snuggle up with him on the couch* everything's been exhausting lately. At least we are exhausted together.

*back in the office reports of events over the last couple weeks had been piling up Doc, being who he was had begun sorting tough each and writing down the best course of action with small segmented plans for all of them answering multiple questions*

Doc: that should keep things organized and not falling apart. *sips hot lead mixed with cheese whiz* Now onto the more pressing stuff. *pulls up a blueprint of a familiar device* Getting back there…
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*Jill and Zeta see them sleep intently*
Zeta:this is a bad idea…father will get mad.
Jill:yeah but not at you.besides all we gotta do is wait for Nene or Jasmine to say the magic words*Jill placed a roped tied bucket of Chocolate pudding near his head*a few minutes later*
Nene:hey Pico are you…hungry?*Nene noticed the trap but it was too late*
Pico:food?*as he stood up the bucket full of choclate pudding fell on his head.Pico said nothing as he licked what he could off his face*…this was creative.
with great power comes great ass kicking!-Picosux224 2019
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