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R.I.P Lonnehart :(
Ozoneocean at 1:29AM, Feb. 21, 2020
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Lonnehart has passed away.

I've just learned. He died on the 4th of March 2018.

This is very sad. Lonne was a lovely person. He was always so innocent and gentle. He was always a little out of step with what was going on, but it didn't matter, I always appreciated whatever he had to say.
bravo1102 at 7:49AM, Feb. 21, 2020
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He'll be missed. 😟😥
Banes at 7:54AM, Feb. 21, 2020
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So sad to hear this - rip Lonnehart

MegaRdaniels at 8:37AM, Feb. 21, 2020
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Avart at 8:21PM, Feb. 21, 2020
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R.I.P. Lonnehart. Sad to hear this, I'm sorry.
Ironscarf at 3:35AM, Feb. 24, 2020
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Very sad news. But thanks to you we won't be left wondering and he has a few more people to fondly remember him.
El Cid at 8:03AM, Feb. 24, 2020
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mishi_hime at 10:28PM, Feb. 28, 2020
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Rest in Peace.
kawaiidaigakusei at 9:40PM, March 2, 2020
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This IS so sad! I remember asking if he was still around because he has not posted anything in the forums for a while. I can’t believe it has almost been two years.

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