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QUACKCAST 409 - Meaning, Intention, and symbolism

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 15, 2019

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*The topic we discussed in this Quackcast was looking for symbolism, meaning and intention in comics: The English literature approach! Deeper meanings and all that. It's fun to do actually and sometimes you really can hit upon the intentions of the creator, uncover NEW meanings, or just do it to entertain yourself. We used our own comics for an example and talked about things beyond the superficial for a change. For example: Banes' comic Typical Strange is a sitcom set in a video rental store, staffed by a group of characters that make up the cast. Why is it set in a place that is clearly decades out of date and relevance? A video rental place is an anachronism in this time. Is it saying that the characters themselves are stuck in time? It's a sitcom comic so situations often reset or rewind back to the status Quo, so that interpretation would seem to fit… Of course that wasn't Banes' deliberate intention but it's fun to think about that way.

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Pep Squad: These girls are here to get you motivated! You can almost SEE the dance routine in your mind’s eye, and believe me, it’s pretty sexy… They’ve got some moves. The crowd roars as the pep squad performs, bumping, grinding and sliding on the stage.

Possible topics for next weeks Quackcast:
Has there ever been a good retconn?
Character names. What does your name character name mean?

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Featured comic:
Percival Pigeon's Perilous Plan -

Based On:
Brave Resistance -
Typical Strange -
The Epic of Blitzov -
Without Moonlight -
Pinky TA -
Putrid Meat -

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace -
Banes -
Tantz Aerine -
Pit Face -
Ozoneocean -

Featured music:
Pep Squad -, by Dave Mire, rated E.

*Art by Banes from Typical Strange



Ozoneocean at 4:12PM, Jan. 15, 2019

I love doing it. I think it's fine to interpret whatever as long as you realise the words are your own and don't put them in the mouth of the writer. I always despise that about people who are overly dogmatic about their version of an author's intention. "This author was heavily misogynist because they think this and this and this"... No, they DON't think any of that, those are your own imaginings, therefore your conclusion of misogyny is not really supported... -that sort of thing.

EssayBee at 9:47AM, Jan. 15, 2019

Deep reads are always interesting. One of the big questions that particularly interested me back in college (I was an English major) was whether meaning lay with the author/text or with the reader. I always thought it was interesting when profs dissected stories on an almost mechanical level and knew the author's history to show how the author's circumstances informed/shaped his/her writing. As storytellers, it's fun to build toward things/suggest things/litter your story with little nuggets and see readers pick up on them and speculate. Regardless of whether they're right in their deductions, that level of reader engagement is entertaining and extremely flattering.

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