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When to ask for help

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, Aug. 9, 2019

It’s very easy for us comic creators to find ourselves in a creative rut. We become so lost amongst the trees we can no longer see the forest. When this occurs it’s a great opportunity to look for feedback as a fresh pair of eyes can help elucidate a new path or one you failed to see beforehand. Here are some instances where asking for feedback could be helpful.

Writer’s block
Despite your well laid plans you’ve run smack bang into a wall. This is a perfect opportunity to get some external feedback as to where you might have gone down the wrong rabbit hole and how you can find your way out. It can be very easy to get lost among the weeds when you’re concentrating on the details so gaining that fresh insight can clear the way for you to move again.

Artistic plateau
There may come a time where you feel as though your art is not improving. Whilst asking for feedback on your drawings can be very difficult as it’s often a very personal endeavour and we get attached to our work, constructive advice can really push your artwork to the next level. Take the time to ask for feedback on the forums or from your friends. If you’re worried, ask for specific feedback such as your colour treatment or lineart. This will give the person you’re asking for feedback from something to directly address, and, thus, potentially more constructive.

Feeling overwhelmed
Life happens to all of us, and, at times, you might feel like it’s a struggle. This is a good time to reach out and seek support and help from other creators who understand where you’re coming from. It might advice on how to manage your time or just a simple, “it’s going to be okay,”. Generally speaking, the webcomic community is a supportive one, as this endeavor is one of love so we get that it is hard to keep life balanced.

When do you seek feedback? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us on Sunday evening for our Quackchat at 5:30PM(EST)!

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bravo1102 at 8:02AM, Aug. 9, 2019

Psst- this is one reason forums like this exist. You need help, you could ask someone on the board. They may answer. Then there are those who will help anyone just because they like to help others. And there are people who may not have specific experience but can extrapolate worthwhile advice from the things they have had experience with.

KAM at 5:15AM, Aug. 9, 2019

It helps to people who understand around. Years ago I belonged to a writer's group, so I could ask questions and vice versa. A few years ago a fellow cartoonist lived close enough that we could occasionally get together and draw, talk about cartooning, etc. These days I'm surrounded by people who don't understand anything I'm going through so I might as well be asking for help in Martian.

usedbooks at 4:33AM, Aug. 9, 2019

Honestly, I don't ask for help until it's the 11th hour, and I've been obsessing over the block for months. Even then, I feel bad to ask. It's not so much pride as feeling like a bother to other people. My personal hobby shouldn't impose or waste someone else's time imo.

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