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Heyy, I'm Dylan! I'm a graphic designer who just got my Associate's in Graphic Communications & Printing Technology. I do a variety of projects, including videos, comics (as you can see here), music making, etc. So, with the Faceless Comics, I started Set 1 back in 2017 and it was originally hand-drawn. But, afterwards, I had decided to digitally re-draw it starting in late 2020. During the majority of 2021, I started posting Set 1 on another site, but afterwards, I didn't like how the layout of the site was, so I did some digging and found this really cool platform!

So, as for the Faceless Comics, it is a stick figure art style. I wanted to keep it this way even when redrawing Set 1 because I wanna prove that you can deliver one heck of a story even through a simple, basic art style. A big inspiration for this is the Henry Stickmin games/collection. I really enjoy those games and I love the amount of detail that they also put into those games.

The Faceless Comics is laid out a bit differently than your average comic book. Instead of one story taking place through multiple pages, each page has a story of its own, like a TV episode. So…
1 page = 1 part
6 parts = 1 chapter (with the exception of the last chapter of each set)
5 chapters = 1 set

Sets 1 and 2 are now fully released and I'm currently working on Set 3, which will explore the multiverse. Additionally I have plans not only for a Set 4, but also for two spinoff comic series that will tie into Set 4. For now, enjoy the Faceless Comics!

As a side note, if you wish to view even more content related to the Faceless-Verse, you can check me out on YouTube as DylanTale Edits.

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  • Adventure |
  • 34 pages |
  • last: Sept. 12 2022 |
Among the boredom of the normal world, one guy steps up and changes a lot of things. Yet no one knows who he is!
  • Adventure |
  • 35 pages |
  • last: Oct. 17 2022 |
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The Faceless and his friends embark on bigger adventures as the past is further explored and the future is made!

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