usedbooks on Sept. 11, 2012

Tantz helped me out quite a bit with this page. :) I am fairly happy with how it turned out. My first draft(s) called for a clap of thunder at Kaida's epiphany, but as considered it further, I decided to have the clouds dissipate instead.

Btw, it's time for the Drunk Duck Awards presentations! The “ceremony” started yesterday. Make sure you go see if any of your favorites are being honored (and join in the other fun and surprises :) ).

plymayer, Tantz, roycemarie: Thanks!

Peipei: Legitimate murder? Interesting concept… Like self-defense? Or wartime? (Which is an extension of self-defense.)

ghostrunner: That is truly regrettable. It's too bad that bad actors have no shame.

Anubis: Kaida is holding her own in this philosophical debate. ;)