usedbooks on July 23, 2013

The last page was two pages squished together. This page was scripted as only part of a page, and the next one took on about a page and a half. Heh. Sometimes, I alter my original plans for pacing. Sometimes it's because I can't get the layout or art to work any other way.

plymayer: Thanks! I like the progression of Tara in my story. She was a background character early on, but I started using her more, because I needed her for this plotline.

Anubis: Good point.

skreem: Thank you. I'm not good with perspective, so I tend to just layer with big things in front and small behind. (But I do force myself outside my comfort zone from time to time.)

Peipei: Detective Tara is none-too-subtle about her suspicions. :P