The Cellist Part 1

usedbooks on March 8, 2021

Y'all ready to start a new chapter? I still have writer's block for the story I want to write, but my sister made a story suggestion, and I decided to use it to buy myself time. Lol

I am quite proud of this page. Although I did a LOT of research ahead of time, I didn't use any direct references while I was drawing it.

Used Books takes place somewhere in the aughts. I've been drawing it for 14 years, but comic time is what it is. So, “thirty years ago” is not OUR thirty years ago. Seiko is 25 in the story, and Kaida is 35. Just to give you a sense of setting. Our family photo albums have lots of references to the time period, and I watch a heck of a lot of shows between 50 to 30 years old, so I hope I can pull off representing the setting.