usedbooks on Feb. 18, 2019

I made this page in one day! I managed it despite a setback.

I write first drafts of scripts years in advance. And then I rewrite them. A bunch of times. I try to have a relatively polished script prior to starting the art for an arc, so after a few pages, I am at least working months behind the text. While I'm working on the art, I tend to have blinders on, working a page at a time.

I have a pretty good memory, but I have been a little scatter-brained lately. My script called for an empty landscape with a small figure in the center. I couldn't recall why. Seemed boring. I figured I was being lazy or unimaginative. So I ignored the script and drew this:

Then I wondered if I should do anything else to work with the upcoming scene. I read one page further, and… I discovered that the scene I drew was 100% incorrect. The empty landscape had a purpose. :P So, I gave myself extra work removing the interesting parts of my art. Heh. Live and learn.