Filler... again

usedbooks on Oct. 15, 2018

So, sorry. I just couldn't make it this week. I was working on an acceptance speech thingy for the DD Awards. (Yay! Thanks so much for the nod!)

My parents' house got hit by a flash flood (all is relatively well, no one hurt, cats okay, but the basement became in impromptu indoor pool). Then I got hit by a migraine that put me out of commission for a couple days. I could have finished the page, but I'm trying to be kinder to myself. Also, I have a second job interview Wednesday and want to be chill.

ANYWAY, I dug through my old galleries and found this sketch I drew three years ago. Seemed like season-appropriate recycled filler. Yeah, kinda weird and proportions are way off. My notes say I drew it at three A.M. after hours of insomnia. (I actually have an entire script of Valentine backstory, but it is entirely too disturbing to include in UB.)

Next page will be up in a week. Who knows? Maybe this time I'll actually be able to get a start on the next one.