Halloween Extra 2022

usedbooks on Oct. 4, 2022

Still on hiatus. Not in the mindspace to focus on anything. Had a couple disappointments this week and am stressed by both the busy season at work and the nearing end of my position.

Anyway, some much less structured art is a good stress relief (and God knows I need practice). I felt like drawing some haphazard nature stuff. I figured I'd turn it into a scene that I guess can count as this year's Halloween card. It's teenage Courtney Blaine with his best/only friend.

(I have detailed knowledge of this character's history, but it's not appropriate – or necessary– for the main Used Books story. At least not in any depth. I'm very unlikely to ever actually tell it. It's kinda awful, tbh. And I hate that it lives in my brain. -_- Fyi, Courtney/Valentine is NOT sympathetic at any age. He doesn't have a tragic past. But he also was a weird kid, and no one liked him much.)