usedbooks on Sept. 12, 2023

I think I bought the wrong paper. And I seem to have forgotten how to draw. -_- It's been a long time.

Now that I have a permanent, full-time job and really want to move forward with my story, I am going to be experimenting with ways to make pages faster and less tedious. Detail and “quality” are going to take a hit, and they weren't great to start with. I can't be stressing over this and giving my all for so little. I'm cutting a few of the polishing steps. As I mentioned earlier, I'm also going to discontinue my paid domain mirror. I love telling my stories, and I'm not going to let them cause me any stress or financial burden (or labor under a delusion that they will ever be popular or capable of making money).

So, sorry-not-sorry for the drop in quality. It's my way of rediscovering the joy in webcomics and in life (and balancing it with an honest-to-God grown-up job).

Also, it SUCKS to be returning from hiatus to this exposition-heavy chapter. :P I'm trying to get through it the best I can. I'll be updating Tuesdays or Wednesdays due to my work schedule. I probably won't be building buffer.