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QUACKCAST 172 - The QuackQuiz!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, June 24, 2014


- Pic by me, Ozoneocean, Quizmaster.

Come on down, it's Quiz time! For this week's Quackcast we had a quiz based on DD comics, as a friendly, fun way to try and promote them… there's even a bit of Drunk Duck history mixed up in the questions. Just a smidge. We had three contestants taking part for the honour of telling everyone else to suck it; Archaeologist Amazon Adventurer Artist Pitface, Psychologist Freedom Fighter Lawyer Comicer Tantz Aerine, and Scientist Philosopher Comic Group Leader and all around boob-fancier Abt Nihil. They all competed to the very limit of their abilities, striving for dominance against each other, employing every dirty trick in the book and even some new ones…
So please listen to the first ever DD bottomless Quiz!
Oh, and there's even some titbits about the totally mythical married life of Ozoneocean and Pitface.

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
Seoladan -

Our Contestants:
Pit Face, Winner at 70! -
Abt Nihil, 2nd place at 65! -
Tantz Aerine, 3rd place at 25! -

Ozone and Pit domestic saga:
1. These are the pics of Ozone and Pit's domestic bliss…
2. Their spawn, young Bones and Pinky creatively harassing neighbour Banes.
3. Tantz's version of what would happen in ozone and PitFace combined their powers, fer reals!

Special thanks to:
My Co-host with the mostest, Banes -
Musical interlude provided by our maestro Gunwallace -

The musical theme this time was for The DD Awards 2014 -

Comics mentioned:
Putrid Meat -
Typical Strange -
Charby The Vampirate -
Modest Medusa -
Bombshell -
Culture Shock -
Elijah and Azuu -
Without Moonlight -
Brave Resistance -
Monster Soup -
Simply Sarah -
Death P0rn -
Restaurante Macoatl -
Craving Control -
Dungeon Hordes -
Everyone laughs at the Crocodile man -
Grumpy bear and Mr Goose -
Athena Sculpture -
That’s the way they do it - deleted…
Gato from Taco El Gato is Supertaco -
Ghost Operators -
Drake the Cool Vampire -
The Chronicles of Bucky O'Neil -
The Othersiders -



Ozoneocean at 7:51AM, June 24, 2014

Thanks Kim! ^_^

KimLuster at 6:13AM, June 24, 2014

lol that's some hilarious stuff - and Goblin King Bowie as an amalgam of the two... Yeah I can see it :D

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