Teen, 917 pages

Following centuries of imperial supremacy, the Empire is dying and barbarians are on the move. As the age of darkness seems imminent and inevitable, the people of this transitional world move to protect their interests

Adult, 1041 pages

Ongoing comic about a bevvy of curvacious, bootylicious ladies, and the misadventures that befall them. Evil nurses, lecherous mummys and more!

Mature, 84 pages

A teddy bear is brought to life with powers to be a hero.

Mature, 177 pages

The rollicking adventures of Canada's vulpine-laden Secret Espionage Service.

Story by Dikran O.
Art and Layout by Henbe

Updated Weekly

Teen, 123 pages

MARS II. Martian colonists clash with U.N. and Lunacorp interests determined to uncover the Red Planet's greatest secret. Meanwhile, those robots are definitely up to something! Sequel to the first MARS adventure.

Teen, 96 pages

Life was rather dull for the college dropout Richard Wallace until one day an old family friend told him that he had been offered a full scholarship to attend a college named Royce University. Skeptical at first Wallace was until he learned that the school was better than any other he could get into normally so he took the offer for the strange school he had never heard of. When he met the dean he found that the school is in fact in another dimension where there are no humans but rather human-looking anthropomorphic animals and auto racing is the top sport. Can he make it in this strange world where he is one of a kind and the locals are taking notice?

Teen, 409 pages

Otto Wilcox is content with his lackluster life until his fate becomes entangled with that of Jupiter, a robot who's lived on earth since the year 1000 AD.

Contact: zimeta08@hotmail.com

Everyone, 100 pages

A K9 duo watching over and protecting the citizens of their home town of Spring Haven. Brisco and Rudy are Fletcher and Raid, The Watch-Dogs, and they're ready to kick some tail. (There was suppose to be a hyphen between the words “Watch Dogs”). Also, I'll be posting a new page every Monday.

Teen, 78 pages

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, six newly-built waifus battle against impossible odds to find the last dork alive.

Everyone, 556 pages

A wizard tries to raise an orphaned dragon in a world of magic, war, and adventure. He soon finds out a dragon does whatever it wants…and he may make all the difference.

Adult, 60 pages

So science, much fiction

Teen, 6 pages

A French fashionista and an ancient British genie disagree on politics but agree on friendship. An American Politics inspired comic strip about getting along despite our differences. Updates every Tuesday.

Everyone, 670 pages

A little story trying to make a joke on magic and how it falls in these days.

Mature, 81 pages

Autobiographical tales from working as a stripper.

Everyone, 778 pages

Daily life of a young married couple ( human-like bees )

Mature, 114 pages

Follow the epic tale of Odessa, a magic user in an apocalyptic reality figuring out the world beyond her bubble. Her journey is just beginning as she unseals Strelaneba, a soul bound to a broom who seems to be wise to the old ways. But before they can try to fly, a message comes from beyond her territory… Packed with adventure, whimsical creatures and of course… fan service!
>>Short Hiatus for Chapter 6 (50+ pages)<<
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Mature, 917 pages

Now Playing: Chapter 26-
The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy.
Updated Mondays-ish, Wednesdays-ish, Fridays-ish

Teen, 32 pages

A swordpunk tale that explores the relationship between xenophobia and Fascism

Teen, 15 pages

The golden age of mankind is long over. The last survivors now live on the terraformed moon Ganymede, in the last city known as Citadell.
The Three Sages are their rulers, but what once was a democracy is becoming a dictatorship. Most citizens remain silent, but then there are fools who rebel and try to escape, eventhough there is nowhere to run.

Everyone, 32 pages

Two wolf packs on the verge of war, and two wolves from opposing sides will have their loyalties challenged and find out who they truly are. This is a short wolf story and is a spinoff of the future comic “Fallen World.” Enjoy! And follow me elsewhere online for more art!

Support my comics and art at patreon.com/epicsaveroom
Watch videos at youtube.com/epicsaveroom

In fact, I use the same name ever'where

Teen, 36 pages

Explore the hilarious furry adventures of a dragon, an aeromorph, and many more as they travel the skies searching for purpose! Only in Dragon's Airship!

Mature, 27 pages

Eclipse is a mysterious being who guards her planet, Theta 3, from any and all who would approach it – but a new threat shakes the star system, which complicates her simple existence.

She meets new friends and gains new foes in this cosmic action series.

Updates Mon

Mature, 229 pages

The 3rd is a tale of war and strife set in a fictional world filled with magic and mystery. The story follows Max a young soldier that finds himself thrust into a world much bigger than he is. In his journey Max will discover who he really is.

Teen, 334 pages

Two worlds coexist next to each other. One of them, Arindia, is inhabited by magical creatures and slowly dying, the other one, Earth, is filled with non-magical beings except for a few humans who are able to use magic and therefore allowed to travel into the magical world.
If the magic-wielding humans are Arindia's curse or salvation solely depends on their choice and on how much they are willing to sacrifice for the magical world.

Mature, 252 pages

Kings Club Graphic Novel Volume 1: digital-first. An Italian mafia boss' daughter has to prove her skills during a clan war, while two hired agents of a multitask worldwide mercenary organization are looking for something called “The Joker” in her family.

Genre: Conspiracy Thriller Pulp Neo Noir.

Protagonist: Leading lady.

Twice a week!


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