Adult, 43 pages

Collection of adult comics I created over the years.

Mature, 219 pages

An exiled starship pilot and an alien sorceress stranded on a dying planet. They develop a grudging friendship as they flee hostile natives and fight to prevent an ecological Armageddon.

Mature, 51 pages

A seriocomic look at the lives of anatomically-correct dolls.

Teen, 159 pages

A Star Trek fan comic set 12 years after Voyager. Following the adventures of the crew of the USS Albion.

Mature, 379 pages

Naval Criminal Investigative Service | A spin-off from JAG

STARRING: Mark Harman as “Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Jonathan Togo as “Ryan Wolfe”, Eva LaRule as “Natalia Boa Vista”, Pauley perrette as “Abby Sciuto”, Peter Cambor as “Nate Getz”, WITH Linda Hunt as “Hetty Lange”, AND David McCallum as “Donald Mallard”

Updates every MONDAY

Mature, 607 pages

Join Oscar Strange and friends in their sketchy adventures.

Adult, 342 pages

Join the adventures of sexy Incubus Dhiar and his fabulous friends and family. Full of satire, sensuality, and sexy guys, Incubus Tales has plenty of incentive to keep flipping pages!

Teen, 96 pages

In this adrenaline pumping, action-adventure/superhero comedy, a high school journalist befriends and joins forces with a quirky, zany-paced superhero in an effort to save his mom from a mob boss son.

Teen, 66 pages

Brittany is a chaotic young woman who attracts insanity. After she stages a protest against hentai, a corporate zombie plots to eliminate her.

Mature, 64 pages

A group of middle aged role players reunite for the adventure of a lifetime.

Mature, 18 pages

A crazed poet assassin with the flair for theatrics.

Adult, 86 pages

Grudgefight is a comic where women get to settle their issues with one another up close and personally.

Teen, 26 pages

A collection of short stories that demanded to be written. Maybe paranormal at times, maybe sci-fi-ish, psychological horror-ish.

Adult, 196 pages

NOW PLAYING: Chompers Law : High Steaks

Hello there, fine reader types! My name is Verity Goldenthrob and I would like to welcome you to Totty Comics!

Buckle up for some of the most spiffingly sumptuous tales of Little Ribble on the Marsh throughout history (that are available in modern webcomicing).

Tally Ho!

Everyone, 114 pages

Welcome to the user run Drunk Duck Awards. We are accepting For Your Consideration pages and the ballot for the awards will soon be open.

Mature, 52 pages

Haunted by grief and regrets, a young man attempts to put himself back on tracks and to learn how to live again…

Teen, 901 pages

A sprite comic that has no Sonic sprites! Seriously, all custom done. Join two friends and there crazy adventures involving demons, robots, explosions and shiny things.

Mature, 293 pages

Stories take place in the post-apocalyptic United States. Yes, I like Fallout. No it's not fan-fiction.

Adult, 1317 pages

Adult oriented comix. 1300 pages? WTF? It's only some pictures of naked/scantily clad women, some “one of” stories, jokes, etc, from my gallery of old sketches & stuff. Rated for adults, so that I don't have to censor myself. Hope folks do not see the 1300+ pages and get scared off. Any one can jump right in pretty much at the chapter/story breaks. Read or ignore the older stuff as they fit.

Teen, 100 pages

Set in Victorian Era England, a young man tries to be a butler. He's not very good at it.

What we get is somewhere between Buster Keaton, Monty Python, Golden Boy and Mr. Bean.

Mature, 242 pages

Lyza and Ethan, both sister and brother, venture the wasteland to find a peaceful home in a very hostile environment from attackers, beasts and monsters after a painful past. Updates: Either Thursdays or Fridays and Sundays

Mature, 202 pages

The death is only the beginning!
TPOTMS is a fan made comic, which based on Jungle Emperor Leo movie (1997). This sequel shows what happened after Ramune-kun's death. What happens after the death?
A human, a forbidden place, wolves and a whole new adventure!

Mature, 36 pages

What is The Squirrel Machine?

• An immutably strange and haunting narrative that transcends known logics and presumptive dream-barriers
• A distillation of subconscious beauty and inspired madness
• A dangerous object for the incautious
• A revelation for the undernourished crypto-seeker
• The virgin caress of unconsummated apocalypse
• The unspeakable thing that you always knew

It’s also the longest and most ambitious graphic novel by legendary obscurantist cartoonist Hans Rickheit, 200 pages of exquisitely rendered pictorial narrative. Meticulous, strange, and hauntingly beautiful, this enigmatic work will ensure the inquisitive reader a spleenful of cerebral serenity that will take exposure to vast quantities of mediocrity to dispel.

Set in a fictional 19th Century New England town, the narrative initially details the relationship and maturation of Edmund and William Torpor. But the two brothers quickly elicit the scorn and recrimination of an unamused public when they reveal their musical creations built from strange technologies and scavenged animal carcasses. Driven to seek a concealment for their aberrant activities, they make a startling discovery. Perhaps they will divine the mystery of the squirrel machine…

Mature, 439 pages

I will teach you the paths to fortune and glory. I will teach you the Ripping Off of the King Arthur. In a hand full of scribbles.

Mature, 359 pages

A spin-off from NCIS…

STARRING: Danny Mastrogiorgio as “Frankie Carbone”, Margo Harshman as “Delilah Fielding”, Michael Weatherly as “Tony DiNozzo”, Gary Sinise as “Mac Taylor”, Sasha Alexander as “Cait Todd”, AND Joe Spano as “Tobias C. Fornell”

Updates every WEDNESDAY


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