Everyone, 49 pages

New episodes every Thursday
Welcome to the Cosmic Safari! Follow Krum on his adventures inside the Cosmic Safari a safari planet where beings from across the galaxy are forced together In a sort of cosmic zoo. Krum gets into all types of sticky situations along the way. Hoping to one day find a way home!

Adult, 412 pages

Stories of an Island nation
Anfer is an Island nation full of danger.Fight events are held there. Some are secret, by invitation only, and they are to the death. They are financed by rich and powerful people. These secret events are vital to the Anfer economy. This series is also about Anfer's struggles to survive against outside threats, such as the evil Crasher agency….the American S.P.A.I.C. agency…and the nearby Buuvee island looking to conquer them.

Mature, 72 pages

A comic strip about Fatman, a brash, abrasive but self-deprecating man who boldly shows himself as he is, as he interacts with a variety of characters in a somewhat surrealistic world.

Mature, 20 pages

Mike D is a hardworking bounty hunter, investigator, and mercenary, never scared to tackle ANY job for the right price!-but unfortunately-he's not that damn good! With nothing but bulletwounds, face scars, and homelessness to show for his years of being a “gun for hire”, he's down on his luck until he mistakenly free's the “Realm Of Probability”!!! Once free the entity bestows upon Mike The power to create and control his own fate and luck, but “gat-slingin” and staying lucky won't come easy in a universe full of magic, aliens, technology and living myth beyond the wildest speculations of time!!

This comic contains violence, profanity, nudity, and some sexaul situations(no graphic sex though)Intended For mature readers only.

Everyone, 41 pages

Huckleberry is a young plant person, and also a fruit themed superhero from Chunkystew, a small, eccentric desert town. He mostly wants to have fun, but he keeps meeting odd creatures and getting into unexpected adventures, with or without fellow superbeings.

This comic combines Golden/Silver Age inspiration with my own brand of silliness. Updates whenever. This is a mirror of the main site.

Mature, 172 pages

This isn't a Sonic comic aimed at the kids, it contains Sonic in ways that could never happen in the games. It's filled with adult language, sexual situations and violence. You never do know whats going to happen next in the world of Sonic Unreal.

Mature, 22 pages

After the corporate takeover the major world territories, people were left with two choices: live free or die trying. Follow a band of outlaws, known as The BirdBoys, deceive, swindle, and filch from corrupt powers plaguing the barren western country side.

Everyone, 24 pages

A baker gets an offer she can't refuse - a royal order for a wedding cake. She has 24 hours to deliver. The story began during a 24-hour comic event, aka “the noble failure” because it's noble to try but most everyone fails. (updated weekly)

Everyone, 569 pages

Crunch Crakerton, Agent Double Danger, The Free War Messiah and the heroes of Encompass! These are the stories created by the legend in his own mind Kevin Hill! From the Crimefighters of today to the universe spanning adventures of tomorrow!

Everyone, 299 pages

Chessie and Dook come from opposite sides of The Window. But that won't stop Chessie from being Dook's best friend…whether Dook likes it or not. Now updating Tuesdays AND Fridays!

Everyone, 149 pages

The story about a fantasy world where animals can control the elements (not only the four main elements but sub-elements too.)
The main character is Spiral who is a lightning-element bearer canine. He tries to master his abilities with his friends, however, a creature from another world want to conquer their world.
What will be the outcome of the battle?

Website: http://goldenspiral.atw.hu

Adult, 138 pages

Short porn sequences (“story” would be too grandiose); 1-16 pages long; pencilled, not inked (hence the title). Nowadays mainly futa.

Mature, 1625 pages

Phin and Sara use their skills to fight evil in many forms. From vampires and werewolves, to evil mages, foul demons, nasty dragons, zombies, mummies and even time travelling, flying saucer driving Nazis. 25 years and counting!

Teen, 95 pages

In this adrenaline pumping, action-adventure/superhero comedy, a high school journalist befriends and joins forces with a quirky, zany-paced superhero in an effort to save his mom from a mob boss son.

Adult, 12 pages

helltaker fan ero comic

support my work:

Mature, 255 pages

The story of an alcoholic hurly burly tattoo artist who works with the supernatural and the regular dysfunction of his day to day life.

Updates Mondays and/or Thursdays

Adult, 18 pages

A seriocomic look at the lives of anatomically-correct dolls.

Mature, 181 pages

Naval Criminal Investigative Service | A spin-off from JAG

STARRING: Mark Harman as “Leroy Jethro Gibbs”, Jonathan Togo as “Ryan Wolfe”, Eva LaRule as “Natalia Boa Vista”, Pauley perrette as “Abby Sciuto”, Peter Cambor as “Nate Getz”, WITH Linda Hunt as “Hetty Lange”, AND David McCallum as “Donald Mallard”

Updates every MONDAY

Everyone, 717 pages

A little story trying to make a joke on magic and how it falls in these days.

Adult, 759 pages

Adults Only!!! The cartoons of M.Organ generally feature nudity, sometimes sex, & occasionally bad language! Other than that they try to be funny, if a bit strange.

Tries to update on Sundays

Everyone, 373 pages

A cosmic explorer finds a curious alien creature drawn to an unassuming planet. He decides to study it and soon enough finds yet more alien species are involved. What secret lies on the planet, and how will its inhabitants be affected?

Everyone, 163 pages

Life, Death, Rebirth, Fungi

Adult, 35 pages

Benny's electronics club is canceled, but better things are in store when a hot student shows up seeking his talents.

Teen, 132 pages

*updates random* Local girl band whose quest to obtain fame leads to the discovery of an ancient secret. Follow the band as they try to navigate building their career, romance, and the super natural. LGBQTIA+ Rated 16+ Illustrated by 0becomingX / Michelle Silva

Mature, 244 pages

A story set in the world of Angels and Demons, were the main protagonist tries her best to become strong enough to protect what she was assigned to, Cupids.


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