Mature, 910 pages

On a cannibalistic planet where the inhabitants only food is each other, Saturno was on a losing streak in the survival of the fittest until he discovers the world of humans and creatures who want to become them.

Mature, 232 pages

Follow the life of Bunny, the young president of her family's mega-corporation, Destruction Inc.

Comic contains: anthro (anthropomorpic) furry characters, implied sex, violence, blood, shortstack, guts, muscle, transformation, and censored swearing.

Everyone, 922 pages

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

Mature, 19 pages

Mychal, an innocent angel, is a pawn in a Cosmic Chess Match between the Gods of Light and Darkness! Unjustly banished to the mortal realm, Mychal struggles to survive among demons and living dead, while becoming the guardian angel to a neighborhood filled with killers and sinners!

What happens when The Promise from your God is broken? The Universe is momentarily torn apart and restitched into a new reality!
Now what is “good”?
Now what is “evil”?
Mychal must develop a new moral compass!

Mature, 27 pages

Necromancer and part-time treasure hunter Umbra, along with her unwitting companion Ximm (He’s…the weirdo in her hair.), spend their days much like any adventurer worth their gold would. By day they dive deep into temples and tombs looking for riches and by night they test the patience of the local bartender while they try to drink each other under the table. Oh, and there might be the threat of the world coming to an end. You know how it is.

Everyone, 208 pages

Humor derived from gamepieces being weird.

Has a Discord!

Mature, 462 pages

A spin-off from NCIS…

STARRING: Danny Mastrogiorgio as “Frankie Carbone”, Margo Harshman as “Delilah Fielding”, Michael Weatherly as “Tony DiNozzo”, Gary Sinise as “Mac Taylor”, Sasha Alexander as “Cait Todd”, AND Joe Spano as “Tobias C. Fornell”

Updates every WEDNESDAY

Teen, 260 pages

Talfryn is a city that has attracted people from all over with its utopian peace and tranquility. But a lot can change in the span of a week. Detective Pink Panther will definitely learn that. AGENCY is a huge, multi-genre, multi-universe anthro fancomic. Rated T+ for graphic violence, themes and destroying favorite characters from your (or your parents') childhood.

Mature, 541 pages

Since the Roman Empire, there has been a group defending humanity from the monsters of myth and legend. Consisting of both human and non-human champions, the Consortium has maintained the balance between the light and the dark making sure the monsters that once preyed on the human race openly are now relegated to stories and nightmares.

But be warned, your parents were wrong;

Monsters are real…
Darklings prowl the night…
and you are food.

Mature, 253 pages

Tales of the wondrous World of the Four Winds.

Mature, 106 pages

the S.P.A.I.C. Agency.(special police agency intelligence cooperative)
they started as a New Jersey Law Enforcement Agency…and grew into their own entity…now, they are Galaxy wide. Worlds contract them as their Law Enforcement…and also military.SOME of the SPAIC brass, though, have their secret agendas, and contract freelancers for special assignments that go under the Radar of the powers that be.

Mature, 494 pages

I will teach you the paths to fortune and glory. I will teach you the Ripping Off of the King Arthur. In a hand full of scribbles.

Mature, 378 pages

A story set in a world of Angels and Demons, where the main protagonist must over come certain obstacles in order to protect what she was assigned to.

Mature, 318 pages

The death is only the beginning!
After Ramune-kun loses his life during an expedition, his soul is transported to a world where no human has ever been. The murdered man soon discovers that the guardian spirit of the mountain brought him there. And the spirit of the mountain has big plans for the young but strong soul.

TPOTMS is a fan made comic, which based on Jungle Emperor Leo movie (1997). This sequel shows what happened after Ramune-kun's death.

Everyone, 344 pages

A story in the far-flung future about a magical space helmet and the people who want it.

Mature, 456 pages

Crossover between NCIS, LA, NOLA, and many more …


Updates every FRIDAY

Everyone, 313 pages

A terrifying unstoppable force has appeared on the horizon. An uncertain Darius has no confidence that a person as small and scared as him can ever be of any use against such an opponent, and yet he finds himself compelled to stand against them, because no one else will.

Mature, 157 pages

After a long day of work, a doctor trudges home in the pouring rain only to find a dying teenage boy in the road. He takes the boy home, saving his life, only to discover the he has no memory of who he is. The doctor and his daughter invite the boy to stay with them and as time goes on, discover some strange and unexplainable things about their newest family member.

Teen, 291 pages

The Energize:
A powerful entity that assumes a human host, gifting it with incredible and sometimes uncontrollable power.

Adult, 612 pages


Everyone, 584 pages

Crunch Crakerton, Agent Double Danger, The Free War Messiah and the heroes of Encompass! These are the stories created by the legend in his own mind Kevin Hill! From the Crimefighters of today to the universe spanning adventures of tomorrow!

Teen, 90 pages

A collection of short stories that demanded to be written. Maybe paranormal at times, maybe sci-fi-ish, psychological horror-ish.

Everyone, 214 pages

Lauren Ipsum is a professional librarian, part-time writer, and an intellectual culture enthusiast (nerd). Join this looney rabbit and her friends running the esteemed St. Paws library!

Teen, 42 pages

neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; slanting. Illustrated by David Abiola Olukoga

Everyone, 823 pages

A little story trying to make a joke on magic and how it falls in these days.


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