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Ill rape your first baby.

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When Metal Sonic returns from his scrap heep of a grave, Sonic, and Shadow must cooperate to defeat him ones and for all.

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A comic about 8Bit Video Game characters!

Bomberman! Yes, Bomberman! A Great Game... Now a Comic!!This comic is about how White, Black, Blue and Red and the adventures they go through. Read them now!

The epic story about a girl, Kasai, thrown into another world, where she have to find a god, if she ever wants to return home.

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

A little something about Schizophrenia

Formatted is a comic about Irony, stupidity, and basically every twist, turn, and achievement in the life of a Gamer Geek.

Full of smarty art/ninja chick action, join paige on her misadventures as she tries to survive her new and unusual art school, The Kannon Institute of Art and Design...

Hell and Earth are not far apart from each other. Wherever you turn, you might be face-to-face with a demon. But only a select few are willing to live among the humans, but some are not...

Monty Moonlight is a self-interested werewolf who manages a rundown, 100-year-old hotel in Texas, now known as the Moonlight Motel, for his billionaire uncle Morty. The strip focuses on banter between Monty and his oddball employees and guests.


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the_number_13 at 10:26AM, May 13, 2008

thats great. im totally fine also.... but i guess i should go get dressed or something.... cos its like 1:30 and im stil in pajamas... D:

the_number_13 at 9:34AM, May 13, 2008

raaaar...... whats this? a new page on #13? see!! i listen when you ask! XD how are u btw?

ManaBlitz at 5:29PM, May 10, 2008

Mario Kart Wii! :D I love that game. :3

Katsu at 1:32PM, May 1, 2008

Thanks for the add!

Euron at 5:50PM, April 4, 2008

Hallo. :3 How've you been?

ManaBlitz at 6:19PM, March 26, 2008

.... *Rare candy. D: D: D:

ManaBlitz at 6:18PM, March 26, 2008

I fed you a red candy! :X

soulcelshade at 11:27AM, March 25, 2008

"I'm sorry, I only sell weapons to hurt other people..." Hilarious.

Cawey at 4:13AM, March 2, 2008

O..RLUZ? Nao that was way random. SINCE WHEN CAN UNDERAGES HAVE GUNS? D:< lol... I got shitloads of free reic now... xD

slave2moonlight at 4:38AM, Feb. 29, 2008

Thanks for supporting Moonlight Motel! Just posted a new one yesterday!

Cawey at 12:18PM, Feb. 24, 2008

Hoishuuuu~ :3 I'm, er, fine? xD KTHX YOU?

Opal at 11:40AM, Jan. 27, 2008

i donated 700 grains so far yay!!

Opal at 11:37AM, Jan. 27, 2008

omg dchao im so doing the freerice thingamajig. >.<

Mizukane at 4:42AM, Jan. 26, 2008


MissWaffles at 8:28PM, Dec. 12, 2007

Myn. <3 <3 Love you. :3

Cawey at 10:06AM, Dec. 10, 2007


Opal at 10:49PM, Dec. 7, 2007

how cute!!!!! *pinches cheeks*

Nktakumi at 12:13PM, Dec. 5, 2007

Dan, i have this secret mission just for you... DO A BARREL ROLL! PRESS Z OR R TWICE!

Opal at 6:48PM, Dec. 1, 2007

yur almost 14??? ^.^

rbnttn at 1:55PM, Nov. 30, 2007

Hi there xD

Chaz McRich at 9:28PM, Oct. 16, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

Opal at 11:43PM, Oct. 12, 2007


Cawey at 4:53PM, Aug. 13, 2007

Zomg thanks for the friend add and for reccomending my comic! n_n I will add you (and everyone else >_>) back when I get my computer again~

vi___wong at 9:44AM, Aug. 2, 2007

*glomp* Whoot for first COMMENT!

Drazi500 at 2:12PM, July 24, 2007


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